Navigation Technologies Chooses GEWI’s Traffic Information Center (TIC)

Chicago, IL– March 9th, 2004 – Navigation Technologies, a leading global provider of digital map data for In-Vehicle, Internet/wireless, government and business solutions, has chosen GEWI’s Traffic Information Center (TIC) software to enable the automatic aggregation, geo-coding and validation of Navigation Technologies’ North American traffic data solution. The selection and integration of GEWI’s TIC software represents yet another milestone for Navigation Technologies as they move toward the completion of one of the navigation and location-based services industries’ most anticipated advancements: the wireless delivery of personalized real-time traffic information directly to in-vehicle navigation systems and portable devices in the United States.

Navigation Technologies’ traffic data solution utilizes an open architecture designed to merge the data from multiple leading traffic data providers, which will make premium quality real-time personalized traffic information available to its customers. The solution consolidates multiple sources and types of information including planned incidents (construction and road closures), unplanned incidents (accidents, stalled vehicles, etc.) and flow data (speed and movement of traffic). The traffic data is linked to NAVTECH® maps for delivery to in-vehicle navigation systems, PDAs or mobile phones so drivers can make smart routing decisions.

GEWI’s TIC software has been successfully implemented in over 50 installations in both the government and commercial sectors. TIC’s proven modular traffic information management software integrates well with other solutions and provides a standardized information management process that further ensures data quality.

“Traffic information is most useful to drivers when it is accurate, personally relevant and timely. By leveraging GEWI’s traffic information management software, we will be able to offer a real-time traffic data solution of unparalleled accuracy and utility that will enable drivers to make informed, time-saving routing decisions,” said John MacLeod, Executive Vice President – Global Marketing and Strategy for Navigation Technologies.

About GEWI

GEWI is a European company based in Germany with blue-chip corporate and government customers across Europe, North America and Asia. GEWI innovates and develops robust state-of-the-art software and hardware in two areas: Traffic Telematics (TT) and Television Consumer Electronics (CE). For more information, visit .


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