GEWI teams with PBS&J

Germany-based GEWI (booth 1019) and PBS&J of the US have joined up to provide GEWI’s Traffic & Travel Information Center (TIC) system for federal, state and local departments of transportation (DoTs) in North America. The agreement was announced at the World Congress.

“We’ve formed a partnership with GEWI to be their system provider for the US market,” said Michael Berman, PBS&J’s programme manager, data services transportation network information. “We aim to help them get into the US DoT market.”

GEWI already provides its TIC software for digital map provider Navteq. TIC is integrated with Navteq’s Traffic system to provide real-time traffic information for a driver’s route.

“Drivers want to have ‘navigation quality’ information as opposed to ‘infotainment quality’ information, which is what you get on the radio,” said Andrew Kristoffy, GEWI’s business development director.

GEWI believes that its experience in Europe, where public sector agencies need to create an integrated picture of travel and traffic conditions, both for their own use and the use of the travelling public, will be replicated in the US.

Published in ITS International
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