Sentinel and GEWI strategic partnership in Australia

Sydney-based Sentinel Content, a leading provider of dynamic traffic and traveller content in Australia, and GEWI, the German-based provider of the TIC software solution used for the gathering, processing and distribution of traffic and traveller information, have announced a strategic partnership for Australia.

Sentinel and GEWI have been working closely together in recent months integrating GEWI’s TIC platform into Sentinel’s InteleCast dynamic content and location based services environment. The partners say the combined platform creates a very flexible solution for the collection and distribution of Sentinel’s real-time traffic data services.

The partnering agreement is also focused on developing new customers and opportunities for the continually developing TIC platform. “The flexibility to handle an ever expanding range of dynamic traffic, traveller and broadcast content will create new market opportunities with Road Authorities, Service Providers, Broadcasters and Location Based Services businesses,” said Hagen Geppert, co-founder and CEO of GEWI.

Published in ITS International
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