TIC for location reference harmonization

When exchanging data between systems, many challenges exist, not the least of which is the harmonization of location reference data.

GEWI has been a leader in creating solutions for complex problems such as these which are made even more complex by the diverse sets of location references used around the world.

GEWI has devised a unique solution to the challenge of harmonizing location references between systems and data sets. With this solution, multiple location references can be harmonized.

Objects in TIC3 can be referenced by the most popular location referencing methods such as geographical position (lat, long), TMC location, distance marker, AGORA-C and OpenLR. TIC3 locations are used for the internal representation of each location to provide harmonization between the other location referencing methods.

This means, regardless of which location referencing system is used, TIC3 is able to cross reference this data. Each referencing method will be referenced to a TIC3 Location and back to each referencing method. This makes it possible to now cross reference between any one or more referencing methods.

The TIC3 product development team working on the harmonization of location reference data includes Thomas Rothe, and Sven Wiesenm├╝ller.
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