TIC Smart Client Remote

Other web based solutions for entering traffic data often have significant limitations in performance or very basic features, resulting in limited usability of the resulting data or a poor operator experience.

With TIC Smart Client Remote, it’s a whole new ballgame!

All of the features of the TIC Smart Client Local are available to the user in the Remote version of the TIC Smart Client.

This means no additional training is required for users, and as new features and functionality are made available in TIC3, they are immediately available to both the TIC Smart Client Local and Remote applications simultaneously.

TIC Smart Client Remote is browser based, which makes it easy for users to enter real time traffic data anywhere a computer can display an internet browser. No special software is required for the user beyond Microsoft Internet Explorer. This solves the problem often encountered in environments where computers are “locked down” and installation of new programs requires many levels of approval.
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