GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour Webinar

In November 2010, GEWI held its first Traffic Technologies Tour in North America.

The tour goal was to provide a forum for information exchange between GEWI and agencies at the city, state, federal level as well as in Canada.

GEWI visited TxDOT in Austin, Texas, CDOT in Chicago, Illinois, USDOT in Washington, DC and met with several agencies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tour topics included data harmonization, location referencing, connected vehicles (V2I, I2V), data exchange between systems, and delivering real time data to the next generation of navigation devices.

On January 28th, in association with ITS America, GEWI held a webinar which presented a summary of the discussion of topics from the Traffic Technologies Tour. The webinar has been archived by ITS America and is available by clicking here.
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