TIC for Parking

Whether for commercial vehicles, commuters, or tourists, GEWI has seen efficient parking management has become an increasingly more important issue around the world.

Parking is just one of the many information types easily handled by the TIC3 software, and in this edition, we’ll focus on just two projects where TIC will be used for processing parking data.

The first project is for SWR in Southwest Germany. SWR is a broadcast company which asked GEWI to implement a solution for collecting parking data in Stuttgart.

In this project, TIC3 will be used to track the available parking spaces at each monitored parking facility in Stuttgart.

In Switzerland, TIC3 will be used by Viasuisse, the traffic information center in Switzerland to collect parking information from automobile clubs and other sources.

TIC processes the information reported by each facility including capacity, occupancy trend, opening times, price, passage height, passage width, security, special parking spaces and much more.

The parking information is then used by RDS-TMC or TPEG services to alert drivers about abnormal parking situations.

If you would like to learn more about how TIC can be used for your parking project, contact andrew.kristoffy@gewi.com.
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