TIC for Test Data

One of the strengths of TIC3 is the ability to be used by many different public and private sectors for a wide variety of traffic related tasks.

System testing is a critical part of any pre-deployment effort, and GEWI identified the need to be able to generate variable volumes and complexities of test data to ensure that systems and networks were properly configured to function efficiently under the most challenging operational conditions.

To solve this issue, GEWI’s product development team created a TIC Server Component Type called “Test Data” as part of the “Automatically Create” feature of TIC.

This component is used for two different purposes:

  • To create arbitrary mass data for testing system performance under load.
  • To create presentation data.

Both features can be used to create any TIC object type needed (i.e. parking, work zone, camera, traffic and travel event, weather, etc.)

TIC provides many ways to control how the Test Data component automatically creates mass data. Settings include:

  • Object Template: This is a baseline from which the data is created which allows as many predefined values as needed. The object type is also defined in this template.
  • Number: How many objects need to be created.
  • Create Random Value: Here can be defined which data elements of the created data should get arbitrary, random values.
  • Create Location: This setting is especially important when generating presentation data. It is used to create visually appealing locations. Options include setting the road network, geographical area, road classes and maximum incident length.

Much more technical information is available. If you are interested in more on TIC for Test Data, contact andrew.kristoffy@gewi.com.

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