GEWI Customer Project Workshop 2011

Continuous improvement in the TIC product and customer service is GEWI’s constant goal.

Earlier this year both the Marketing & Sales teams and Product Development teams held their own workshops to improve processes in their respective areas.

In June, it was GEWI’s Customer Projects team who met at the ProArte Hotel in Berlin for two days of meetings focused on improving GEWI Customer Projects processes and the experience for GEWI customers.

Meeting sessions focused on many GEWI customer processes including Request for Product Changes, Project Business Rules, Online Customer Service and Delivery of GEWI products and Collection of Requirements, Design Process and Information.

As is typical of an intensive GEWI workshop, all participants were energized by the free exchange of ideas, and we expect GEWI’s customers to see improvements based on the process and structural improvements made at this workshop.
GEWI 2011 Product Development Workshop
GEWI Exhibited and Presented at ITS Canada