GEWI adds two new features to its TIC3 traffic information system

German developer of traffic and travel information software, GEWI, has introduced two new features to improve its TIC3 (Traffic Information Center) product. The latest feature is called ‘Relation’ and it adds six types of geographical relations, which can be analyzed by TIC to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of the traffic data capture and dissemination.

The geographic relations include: nearby, with configurable distance; identical; overlapped; adjacent; enclosed; and contained. The new feature allows the geographical relation of the data to be computed, which results in the ability to alert the operator of similar messages, prevent them from creating duplicate data, or to allow the operator to combine related data into a single event, such as an accident that has happened within a work zone.

The operator has three windows, showing details of the incident, a map and camera images, with details of the local weather conditions, which is the other new feature. TIC3 can now process: weather observation, forecast and precipitation radar data. Operators can use the archived data to analyze whether traffic incidents were caused by weather conditions such as heavy rain.

Users have the options for viewing weather data, in a list, or as icons on a map combined with traffic events, traffic flow and other data. Weather data can be collected from public and commercial weather data providers or from customers own weather stations. Weather observation data can include: location; temperature; cloud cover; visibility; wind chill temperature, direction, speed and gusts; air pressure; humidity; and precipitation.
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