TIC3 Product Feature “Relation”

GEWI’s Product Development team is always receiving innovative requests from existing and potential customers. Many of these requests become new product features which improve the TIC product for all of our customers. The latest new product feature is called “Relation”.

The concept of Relation is very simple, but the benefits it brings to the TIC product and for our customers are very powerful.

Six types of geographical relations can be analyzed by TIC which can be used to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of the traffic data capture and dissemination.

They include:

  • Nearby, (with configurable distance).
  • Identical.
  • Overlapped.
  • Adjacent.
  • Enclosed.
  • Contained.

The Relation feature allows for the geographical relation of the data to be computed which results in the ability to alert the operator of similar messages, prevent them from creating duplicate data, or to support the operator to combine related data into a single event. (for example an accident which has happened within a work zone).

What does this mean in the real world? Below is an example of how the Relation feature provides a benefit in a traffic center control room. The image shows how an incident, camera images and weather information can all be related.

In this case, the window at left describes the traffic incident, in the center; the incident is shown on the map along with the related camera icon. At right, the camera or cameras which are contained within the visible area of the camera are shown, as well as the weather (lower right) for the affected area.

This is just one example of how Relation can be used to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of traffic data capture and dissemination.

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