GEWI Quality Management System – Constant Product Improvement

TIC3 is the fourth generation of TIC software which was originally called TMC office in 1997.

Over the past 15 years, the TIC product has been continuously improved using GEWI’s Quality Management System (QMS). This system provides for continuous feedback and improvement from customers, as well as every member of GEWI’s customer project, product development and marketing & sales teams. This feedback is an input to GEWI’s “product change request” (PCR) system.

Each week, as an output of the PCR system, GEWI releases a new developmental version of TIC. After testing, new versions are made available as customer releases four times per year.

Even as TIC continues to improve, some customers are still operating previous versions of the software. GEWI fully supports each version as long as one customer purchases support and maintenance for that product generation. This means customers have control over when they decide to move to the latest TIC version.
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