GEWI Adds Nils Richter to Product Development Team

GEWI is pleased to welcome product developer Nils Richter as the newest member of GEWI’s development team.

Nils graduated with an Engineering Degree in Geodesy and Geoinformation from Munich’s Universität der Bundeswehr and Communications Engineering Degree from the University of Applied Science in Dresden, Germany.

As with all members of GEWI’s development team, Nils speaks English and German. He also speaks French and Russian. Prior to joining GEWI, Nils was team leader for terrain analysis at Eurocorps in Strasbourg France as well as a leader of Surveying Teams at Bundeswehr Geoinformation office in Kiel, Germany.

One of Nils areas of focus at GEWI will be product development involving the distribution of data using the new high-tech graphical VMS signs that are rapidly gaining in popularity around the world.

Nils enjoys climbing, swimming, biking, alpine sports and studying history.
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