GEWI Participates in ITS America TPEG Webinar

As part of their ITS webinar series on transportation technologies, ITS America hosted a session focusing on TPEG and connected vehicles on December 5th, 2012.

The session is entitled “How navigation, connected vehicles and DOT’s are benefitting from TPEG technology”. Presenters were Jonathan Burr of Mylor Technologies, Matthias Unbehaun, Executive Director elect of TISA, and Hagen Geppert, CEO, GEWI Worldwide.

The webinar provided a background of TPEG, why it is relevant to DOT’s, where TPEG is already deployed, how it is used in the connected vehicle projects and a look at a real world TPEG technical solution.

An archive of the webinar is available at

For more details on the TPEG market, visit: /product-features/tpeg/
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