German State Police in Thuringia Upgrade to TIC3

The state police information center in the German federal state of Thuringia (known as LMS TH) based in Erfurt, Germany recently completed a successful upgraded to TIC3, the latest generation of GEWI’s popular traffic data processing software.

LMS TH have been long-time users of TIC, starting first with TIC1 in 2000, and then upgrading to TIC2 in 2010. LMS TH are now using the latest version, TIC3. This 13 year history with TIC demonstrates product stability, reliability and continual evolution to meet GEWI customer requirements.

TIC3 is trusted to be used by the police on their existing command and control system. Operators manually create traffic events, which are then distributed directly to the public, to local and national customers in Germany, and even internationally in Europe. TIC3 enables the police to use the same digital maps that are used by drivers’ in-vehicle navigation devices, thereby improving the accuracy of traffic event locations, especially for navigation systems and services.

Government departments and agencies can also extend the use of TIC3 for additional purposes, such as for providing information about road works, and for use by government employees when planning road maintenance.
For more than 15 years, TIC has been used for a wide range of traffic related projects by both public and private organizations worldwide.
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