GEWI Business Workshop Results in Positive Outlook for 2014

Members of all GEWI business teams met in Potsdam near Berlin, Germany from 27-30 of January 2014 as part of GEWI’s annual business improvement process. The goal of the workshop was to review the previous year’s performance and to plan for process and product improvements for the coming year.

The annual workshop was led by Matthias Defee, GEWI’s Director of Worldwide Customer Projects, and was attended by GEWI team members from Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the USA.

2014 is GEWI’s 22nd year of creating products to keep travelers informed worldwide. TIC3 is the 4th generation of software platform which is used for the processing of traffic data. One of the major developments of the GEWI business workshop was the analysis of how else TIC could be used beyond traffic information. For example, GEWI customers already use TIC to process Radio Program Associated Data. Workshop sessions indicated TIC could also possibly be used for GEWI’s business information system. Further analysis of this potential will be done in the next months.

Other conference highlights included an update on the status of the TIC3 product which received over 500 updates to core product features in 2013. This is significant as it represents many improvements in performance as well as new features such as Real-time Statistics and TIC’s Relation Window which has proven to be a popular feature with GEWI customers.

GEWI’s CFO Karl Will also reported that revenues were up over the previous year and CEO Hagen Geppert provided a preview of projects for 2014. Several customers migrated from TIC2 to TIC3 in 2013 and this trend will continue in 2014. Analysis presented by the GEWI Business team indicates that positive growth is forecast to continue into 2015.
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