GEWI Presents Safety Benefits of TPEG at ITS World Congress

TISA, the Traveller Information Services Association organized a session at ITS World Congress to update attendees on the global progress of TPEG deployments.

GEWI joined representatives from Inrix, TomTom, Clear Channel and Quantum Inventions of Singapore to share their TPEG experience. GEWI North America CEO Jim O’Neill discussed the manner in which TPEG could be used to increase driver safety by alerting of real-time hazards on roads.

GEWI’s product development staff have been involved in the development of the TPEG standards since the earliest days of the technology. Alexander Fust, a software developer for GEWI, is a member of TISA’s TPEG Application Working Group (TAWG), and Speed Information (SPI) Working Group. Alexander, along with Rainer Klockmann, GEWI’s product development team leader, serve as GEWI’s category experts on TPEG technology.
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