GEWI 2015 Business Workshop Focuses on New TIC Feature

GEWI’s annual business workshop was held from 19 to 22 Jan 2015 in Heiligendamm, Germany, with members from all GEWI teams in attendance.

The successful workshop focused on the new TIC Project feature and how it could enable GEWI’s existing and new customers to automate their business processes and project workflows.

GEWI teams realized that GEWI customers frequently used TIC as part of a wider process, and that the quality of information created, and the efficiency of operators, could be enhanced if the overall process steps were defined within TIC.

For example, for DOT’s using TIC for road incident management, where TIC might previously have only been used by operators to create traffic and travel event data, the TIC Project feature can now be used to detect, verify, inform, respond, and clear incidents. Traffic and travel event data now becomes one activity within the step to inform travelers.

The feature helps organizations to apply consistent processes, such as for incident management. Organizations can specify their own processes, projects, steps, activities and tasks to be completed, and each of these can be configured, assigned, and measured. Additional steps which are not part of the typical process can be manually created by users on the fly.

After several days of use, all completed projects can be analyzed for continuous process improvement.

GEWI is so confident of the benefits of the new TIC Project feature, at the GEWI Business Workshop it was decided to start applying it to GEWI’s own business operations. For example, GEWI teams are preparing to use TIC to manage business information, capture project requirements, incident support, project planning and tracking, and automatically updating GEWI’s website.
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