GEWI TIC Software Monitoring Traffic Lights in Berlin

The State Police in Berlin, Germany are now using a new feature in GEWI’s TIC Software which enables them to automatically monitor the operational status of all traffic lights in Berlin.

TIC collects live traffic light data from a Siemens Concert traffic light control system. TIC enables the traffic operators to view the status of the lights in either a map or list window.
The benefit of integrating the status of the traffic lights into TIC means that the State Police are able to quickly determine if current traffic conditions are impacted by the operational status of traffic signals.

The State Police could then help to manage resulting road incidents, for example by requesting repairs and by deploying police officers to safely direct traffic when the signal is not operational, reducing the risk of a vehicle accident.

TIC also enables the distribution of this information to travelers to alert them about the status of the traffic signal to help travelers avoid the affected areas.

TIC systems are also capable of being easily expanded with additional features such as road incident management (RIM) and exchanging live data with other third-party systems.
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