GEWI Speaks on Social Media and Traffic at ITS Canada

The 19th ITS Canada Annual Conference and General Meeting was held from May 1-4, 2016 in Calgary Alberta, Canada. GEWI exhibited the latest features of the TIC Software which provides a wide range of solutions for traffic and traveler information projects.

The theme of the conference was “NEXT GENERATION ITS: Connectivity, Proximity and Mobility” and as TIC CONNECTS Systems – Vehicles – Travelers, there was much to discuss and demonstrate to the delegates in attendance.

GEWI North America’s CEO Jim O’Neill was a panelist in a conference session and spoke on the topic of “Using Social Media in Traffic Management” which described how social media such as Twitter and crowd sourced traffic from Waze can be used in traffic management centers.

One of the issues with data from social media is that it often is not curated which results in inaccurate or incorrect data being distributed. TIC can be used to correct this data and provides operators tools to use the crowdsourced data to provide the most accurate traffic and travel information possible.

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