GEWI Adds User Feedback Feature to TIC Software

Since GEWI was founded in 1992, customer feedback has been an important part of the product development process.

Many important features of TIC Software started out as a request from a customer. With the TIC Customer Feedback feature now built into TIC, it is easier than ever to record new ideas and requirements, and to inform the user about the progress of their request.

The process begins when a user creates a user feedback message which is then received by the customer’s own supervisor or administrator to decide who is responsible for processing the message. If GEWI is responsible, a new TIC User Feedback project is automatically created and the message is linked to the project.

This uses the exact same TIC Project feature as described in this newsletter for the TIC for Road Incident Management (RIM) and TIC for ITS Asset Management solutions.

When the TIC User Feedback project is created, the responsible GEWI Customer Projects person is notified to start analyzing, monitoring, and when required responding. At this point, all responses and action steps are recorded in the TIC system, and the customer can log onto GEWI’s customer support website to track progress.


Requests are submitted directly from the TIC system so they are consistently formatted and include any screenshots or important information such as the software version and source of the TIC User Feedback.

Because responses are tracked online, customers are always up-to-date on the latest status of the feedback. Time is saved by both the customer and GEWI as there is no need for back and forth status emails.

Because the progress is tracked using the TIC Project feature, the appropriate GEWI resources are easily engaged to be able to contribute, as well as track updates and interactions.

For more information about this feature, visit to contact a GEWI representative in your region.
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