COTS Solution for Wrong Way Drivers

​Every year, thousands of lives are lost globally due to wrong-way or “ghost” drivers, that is, drivers who inadvertently enter a highway or tollway in the wrong direction. While technology is available to detect a wrong-way driver, it is often not implemented due to the cost or complexity to integrate into current systems, or implemented only for detection, but not for notification to other agencies and other travelers.

By connecting two commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions from GEWI and TrafficVision, public agencies have access to a powerful real-time tool to enable wrong-way driver detection, notification, and response using an agency’s existing systems and technology.

GEWI’s TIC Software has been used worldwide since 1997 for a wide range of public and private traffic information projects. This COTS solution utilizes existing public traffic cameras whose video images are processed by TrafficVision video analytic software to generate alerts when an abnormal condition occurs. These alerts are collected by the TIC Software, and using the TIC Project feature, a project is automatically created based on the location and direction of the wrong-way driver alert.

The TIC Project feature automatically creates notifications and response steps based on the specific response plan defined by the responsible agency, and maintains a record of all completed steps, including those performed automatically by software configuration.

This wrong-way driver solution is available by software configuration rather than expensive custom development, and can be implemented more quickly and at a lower cost than custom-built solutions; yet provides full functionality and many advanced features which can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

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