HERE Traffic portfolio to utilize GEWI’s new camera feature to enhance its real-time traffic information

GEWI announced today that HERE, the Open Location Platform company, recently added GEWI’s Camera feature to its TIC system, which HERE uses to create and update real-time traffic information in markets around the world.

HERE now has the ability to collect Vizzion Traffic Camera images directly into TIC, helping HERE traffic editors visualize incidents and delays when creating accurate traffic information. HERE editors can view the camera images directly within the TIC Relation window which automatically selects and shows related images from Vizzion cameras that are near a traffic incident location.

The TIC Relation window can also be used by GEWI customers to automatically select and display other related information such as work zones, weather, and traffic incidents, including those collected from other online systems, social media and DOT agencies.

“The TIC Camera feature is an innovative, streamlined software interface that provides HERE traffic editors a valuable new tool to quickly verify traffic incidents and road closures for customers around the globe,” said Tony Belkin, Director of Traffic and Dynamic Content at HERE. “As a leading provider of comprehensive traffic services, HERE continually seeks ways to innovate and improve the quality and efficiency of our 24×7 traffic incident management center.”

Vizzion aggregates the world’s largest traffic camera network with over 40,000 cameras in 30 countries for customers in the fleet, broadcast, web/mobile, and automotive industries. Traffic cameras verify traffic flow data, display weather and road surface conditions, and give the most insight into traffic incidents. Vizzion’s traffic camera service on TIC allows HERE traffic editors to see the extent of an incident, incident type, and pinpoint exactly when lanes are cleared again.

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