GEWI Launches Traffic News System for German Public Radio Stations


In July 2016, GEWI was selected after a public bid process to provide a traffic news system for Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), a Germany Public Radio station for the German state of Hesse, based in Frankfurt. HR is a member of the European Broadcast Union (EBU) which includes organizations such as the BBC, as well as CBS and ABC in the United States.

The public tender required solution to collect, create and aggregate traffic information to be broadcast on the HR stations which include five different radio formats. Furthermore, the traffic information is distributed to TV channels, internet platforms & telephone hotline. Navigation systems can receive their data by RDS-TMC & TPEG.

The solution was deployed in less than six months after the bid was awarded to GEWI and as of January 2017, is in productive use by HR.

TIC for Traffic News enables each announcer to customize the traffic reports based on the type of content and length of broadcast required for their particular station format. All of this is accomplished using a simple web browser which also make it easy when announcers are out of the studio on a remote broadcast.

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