​​Intelematics Australia Upgrades to TIC3 for Australia and New Zealand Traffic Services

Intelematics LogoGEWI software has been powering Intelematics Australia’s (IA), broadcast traffic service since 2007. The service, known as SUNA Traffic, has been based on GEWI’s TIC2 software, but in March of 2018, (IA) upgraded to TIC3, the latest generation of the TIC Software Product. The RDS-TMC traffic service broadcasts to over 20 regions including all Australian State Capital cities, major regional cities and the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

The TIC3 system includes RDS-TMC monitoring for all feeds which provides a notification in the event of any lost traffic messages. Historical streams are stored for 30 days and are able to be played back and viewed directly in the TIC3 software.

While drivers may not notice any difference in their navigation devices, the IA traffic operator team will benefit from the many advanced productivity features of TIC3 for rapid and accurate creation of traffic and travel event messages. Click here to learn more about how TIC3 is used to create real-time information for navigation, or visit www.gewi.com to contact a representative in your region.

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