GEWI’s Quick Response

ITS Sep 2018GEWI is showing how its all-in-one, off-the-shelf TIC for Road Incident Management (RIM) system can be an invaluable tool for road operators.

As the company points out, when an incident happens on a roadway, it is critical that the appropriate response is taken as quickly as possible to provide maximum safety, reduce delays, and keep all responders, agencies and drivers informed at every step.

Managing road incidents safely and consistently is a problem faced by public department of transport (DOT) agencies in every state and country. Responses to detected incidents must usually be fast and effectively coordinated with multiple road service providers such as tow trucks, police, fire, ambulance, and repairers, to quickly clear the incident.

GEWI’s TIC for Road Incident Management (RIM) enables each agency to create predefined custom action plans for different incident types, such as accidents, fires, road obstacles, weather, or wrong way drivers. Response plan steps are then activated depending on factors such as the incident type, location, road category, and resource availability.

A single incident on the roadway could require multiple response projects – for example in a crash into a guard rail involving a fuel spill. First, a project is created to clear the accident, another to clean the fuel spill, and another work zone project to repair the guard rail. In the case of a repair, a related ITS asset management project may be created to ensure the proper replacement parts are available, and their location.

During all of these projects, every person involved, from the agency to the responders, other organisations, media and drivers are all kept informed.

Published in ITS International Magazine
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