TIC Traffic Flow Feature Improves Traffic and Travel Event Information Accuracy

EditdialogTrafficAndTravelEvent4_40_2_1Creating accurate incident and work zone information is a challenge faced by operators in Traffic Centers worldwide. Whether the traffic is created by a public or private organization, operators need to be able to quickly gather all relevant information to create information which accurately represents what is happening on the roadway.

GEWI’s TIC Software uses traffic flow related to the location of the event, to enable operators to confirm roadway conditions, and to alert them to changing roadway conditions. Seamless integration of traffic flow data into TIC makes it simple for operators to check the accuracy of the information.

TIC supports multiple traffic flow providers including ADAC (for Germany), Google, HERE, INRIX and TomTom. Other traffic flow feeds can be implemented on request.

TIC not only provides delay times and roadway speed, but also traffic flow trends for the previous 15 minutes. For broadcasters, delay time can automatically be included in a script to be used for Traffic News reports. Operators can decide for which traffic news items to include delay information.

TIC also has a ‚Äúrelation window” to show all known information about the location of the traffic event including speed and flow data, camera images, weather, data from other systems such as work zone or police, and more.

Traffic Flow is just one of 40 Product Features available in GEWI’s TIC Software. For more information visit www.gewi.com
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