GEWI Work Zone User Group Focuses on Automated Driving

‚ÄčIn January 2020 GEWI hosted it’s seventh Work Zone user group since 2016. The group met in Wolfsburg, Germany which is the home to Volkswagen’s headquarters and the world’s largest automotive plant, and included representatives from several road agencies as well as Volkswagen. The focus of this meeting was to analyze the impact of automated driving (AD) on Work Zones.

Presentations included the history and levels of AD, industry trends, AD elements and a review of AD projects worldwide. There was also a presentation of the European L3Pilot project which involves 1,000 drivers testing the viability of automated driving as a safe and efficient means of transport on public roads. As the name indicates, this project focuses on SAE Level 3 functions, but also provides an additional assessment of Level 4 functions.

In addition to the presentations there were extensive discussions about how road agencies can benefit from vehicle data as well as the benefits to vehicles from road agency data.

The meeting generated excellent discussions and a better understanding of how each organization can contribute to the development and success of the AD market.

GEWI will be presenting highlights from this meeting at various ITS conferences around the world in 2020, and interested parties can visit to also arrange for a personal presentation.
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