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Singapore: GEWI powers traffic info for Nokia, Garmin and others

In Singapore, a wide variety of navigation devices are now available including applications for smart phones such as Nokia’s OVI Maps. To support these systems with real-time traffic, GEWI Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of German company GEWI Europe GmbH & Co. KG, comes to the rescue providing real time traffic information directly to navigation devices […]

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TrafficLand Camera Feeds Now Available in TIC3 from GEWI

GEWI’s new TIC3 traffic data software now collects TrafficLand camera images and synchronizes with other traffic data sources.

GEWI announced today that their new TIC3 software platform for processing traffic data is now fully compatible with the TrafficLand traffic camera network.

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Sentinel and GEWI strategic partnership in Australia

Sydney-based Sentinel Content, a leading provider of dynamic traffic and traveller content in Australia, and GEWI, the German-based provider of the TIC software solution used for the gathering, processing and distribution of traffic and traveller information, have announced a strategic partnership for Australia.

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Smooth operator

PBS&J’s Eli Sherer, on the use of the GEWI TIC advanced traveller information system in SW Florida.

Implementation of the 511 traveller information system in the State of Florida has at times been both complicated and contradictory. The Florida Department of Transportation contains seven different district offices, each effectively its own entity with its own procurement processes and standards, plus a turnpike authority which sits across several of these.

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EU-India eSafety conference call for proposals

The EC-supported, ERTICO-coordinated EU-India eSafety project met in New Delhi, India, last week for the ‘Intelligent Future for Transport and Road Safety in India’ conference. It was held to discuss cooperation in real-time traffic information and emergency response services, and to make recommendations for future cooperation.

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An Intelligent Transportation System Demonstration in China – DYNASTY

Demonstrating a Platform for DYNAmic Traffic Information Services for the Beijing DYNASTY DYNASTY is a European-Chinese ITS cooperation project co-funded by the European Commission’s (EC) Asia Information Technology & Communication Programme. This program aims to demonstrate commonly developed innovative dynamic traffic information collection, processing, and transmission technologies and applications, with the help of key Chinese […]

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GEWI aids software integration

The software is continually improved with updates to meet the frequently changing requirements of its customers. GEWI claims the new features will allow customers to easily integrate advanced traffic and travel information systems: condition and incident capture and reporting, auto mated distribution (including US 511), and traffic management (including TIM).

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GEWI teams with PBS&J

Germany-based GEWI (booth 1019) and PBS&J of the US have joined up to provide GEWI’s Traffic & Travel Information Center (TIC) system for federal, state and local departments of transportation (DoTs) in North America.

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MIB is ready to fill the ITS gap

Having just celebrated its first year of existence, Mobile Info Broadcast Consulting (MIB, booth 1019) is trying to put across the message that it does more than just consult.

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Dynasty project partners meet in Brussels

A delegation of the Dynasty project partners from Beijing visited their European counterparts in Europe in September. The project is developing Dynamic Traffic Information services for the City of Beijing.

During their visit, the Chinese delegation met BMW and Siemens VDO in Munich; Bosch, Siemens, DLR and GEWI in Berlin; ERTICO, Tele Atlas and Navteq in Brussels, as well as visiting the Berlin Traffic Management Centre.

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