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TIC3 Product Feature “Relation”

GEWI’s Product Development team is always receiving innovative requests from existing and potential customers. Many of these requests become new product features which improve the TIC product for all of our customers. The latest new product feature is called “Relation”.

Six types of geographical relations can be analyzed by TIC which can be used to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of the traffic data capture and dissemination.

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Weather Together with Traveler Information in TIC3

Recently, GEWI’s Product Developers put the finishing touches on new Weather features for TIC3.

TIC3 can now process “Weather Observation” data, “Weather Forecast” data and “Precipitation Radar” data.

By storing all weather data, GEWI customers can use the archived data to analyze whether traffic incidents were caused by weather conditions such as heavy rain.

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GEWI at Indonesian Motor Show

GEWI attended the 19th Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) at Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran in July 2011.

GEWI was there to support a customer, iQios Sejahtera who announced plans to launch their real-time traffic service by September 2011.

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TIC Powers iQios Indonesia Traffic Service

iQios, who specializes in GPS fleet tracking systems and GEWI have partnered to introduce the first traffic service for GPS navigation, car audio system and smart phones in Indonesia.

This service will be launched in September 2011 covering the Jakarta area with plans to cover Greater Jakarta in 2012. Moving forward, iQios plans to expand its coverage to Bandung and Surabaya in 2013.

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GEWI Technology – LHW for Safer Roads

Next generation navigation devices using the TPEG protocol have the capability of delivering a much richer data set to drivers, which should result in a safer driving experience.

One of those new data types which will alert drivers to road hazards ahead is LHW, Local Hazard Warning.

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GEWI 2011 Product Development Workshop

Over the past 15 years, the GEWI Product Development team has continuously improved the TIC product based on incorporating solutions based on global project requirements into the product.

TIC’s product features grow and are improved every week based on customer requests.

To ensure a high standard of quality in the product development process, GEWI held it’s 2011 Product Development workshop May 23 – 25th in Weimar, Thuringia, Germany.

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GEWI Customer Project Workshop 2011

Continuous improvement in the TIC product and customer service is GEWI’s constant goal.

Earlier this year both the Marketing & Sales teams and Product Development teams held their own workshops to improve processes in their respective areas.

In June, it was GEWI’s Customer Projects team who met at the ProArte Hotel in Berlin for two days of meetings focused on improving GEWI Customer Projects processes and the experience for GEWI customers.

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GEWI Exhibited and Presented at ITS Canada

Vancouver, BC was the location for the 2011 ACGM, Annual Conference & General Meeting for ITS Canada, June 12-15th at the Fairmont Hotel. GEWI both exhibited TIC3, and presented a paper at the conference.

GEWI’s presesntation detailed how connected vehicles can improve road safety by alerting drivers of Local Hazard Warnings (LHW). This is done using the TEC application within TPEG, used by the next generation of navigation devices.

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New TIC3 Camera Features Released

Whether using a TrafficLand camera or public or privately owned camera, users are able to quickly and easily add and configure new cameras into TIC.

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TPEG NavTest now Available as Service

GEWI’s popular TIC (Traffic Information Center) product is now available as ‘TIC as a data service’. This will allow GEWI’s customers to be able to test their TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) over HTTP- (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) enabled navigation devices.

With TIC, users will be able to manually create their own incident and flow data, which will be automatically created into TPEG TEC and TPEG TFP messages. Users can also send TPEG over HTTP, request over the internet, then receive TPEG responses via the internet. All that is required to use these features is a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

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