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Build Versus Buy – Making the Best Decision

When GEWI started developing software almost 15 years ago, the answer to this question was much simpler. There were few, if any, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) applications that could satisfy complex project requirements.

In 2011, the answer is less clear, and requires much analysis. In order to make an informed comparison, careful consideration needs to be given to many issues.

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TIC for Police

More than 10 years ago, German police in Saxony-Anhalt were looking for a better solution to their manual methods for collecting and distributing traffic information.

TIC is primarily used by the police to create incident data. In addition, some German states also have a traffic control center, independent from the police providing flow, incident and roadwork data. This data is then distributed to radio & TV stations, service providers, and auto clubs which then make the information available to their listeners, members, and clients.

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iQios and TIC Power Indonesia Traffic Service

In the rapidly growing economy of Indonesia, the company C.V. iQios SEJAHTERA which specializes in GPS fleet tracking has set up the first FM RDS-TMC traffic service in Indonesia using GEWI’s TIC product.

The iQios service is to be commercially launched by September 2011 and will initially cover the city of Jakarta with plans to include the metropolitan area of Greater Jakarta by 2012, and subsequently expanding to Bandung and Surabaya by 2013.

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TIC3 – Now Compatible with AGORA-C

GEWI’s product development team has completed the integration of the AGORA-C location referencing standard into the TIC3 product.

TIC3 has the capability of harmonizing location referencing between multiple road networks as well as multiple location referencing methods.

GEWI’s AGORA-C solution is already being used by several clients including BMW (Germany), Cennavi (China) and for the DIANA2 demonstration project in Germany.

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GEWI 2011 Market Workshop

For nearly 15 years, TIC has been used primarily for the creation, collection, harmonization and distribution of traffic data between a wide variety of systems and devices.

Today, TIC3’s new flexible architecture means that TIC can be used for many more types of data and for many more purposes in the future.

These new markets were the topic of an intensive workshop held in Heidelberg, Germany in March 2011, which included representatives from GEWI’s Business Management, Product Development, Customer Projects, Marketing, and Sales teams.

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TIC3 – Scaleable Features, Scaleable Pricing

GEWI has designed the TIC3 product to be flexible in many ways. This includes:

  • Flexible architecture.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Flexible deployment.
  • Flexible pricing models.

TIC’s flexibility allow for many creative solutions to be considered, including data types, volume, and other variables. As project requirements grow or change, TIC’s licensing can be modified and customers can often begin using the additional TIC features without the need to install any new software, simply by configuring the new additional licensed TIC features.

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TIC for Test Data

System testing is a critical part of any pre-deployment effort, and GEWI identified the need to be able to generate variable volumes and complexities of test data to ensure that systems and networks were properly configured to function efficiently under the most challenging operational conditions.

To solve this issue, GEWI’s product development team created a TIC Server Component Type called “Test Data” as part of the “Automatically Create” feature of TIC.

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TIC for Parking

Parking is just one of the many information types easily handled by the TIC3 software, and in this edition, we’ll focus on just two projects where TIC will be used for processing parking data.

TIC processes the information reported by each facility including capacity, occupancy trend, opening times, price, passage height, passage width, security, special parking spaces and much more.

The parking information is then used by RDS-TMC or TPEG services to alert drivers about abnormal parking situations.

If you would like to learn more about how TIC can be used for your parking project, contact

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GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour Webinar

On January 28th, in association with ITS America, GEWI held a webinar which presented a summary of the discussion of topics from the Traffic Technologies Tour held in November.

Tour topics included data harmonization, location referencing, connected vehicles (V2I, I2V), data exchange between systems, and delivering real time data to the next generation of navigation devices.

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M3 Asia uses TIC for RDS-TMC

M3Asia Distribution Pte. Ltd. (“M3Asia”), recently launched the latest Navigation Software for GPS Personal Navigation Device (PND) from Papago! – Reality 7, powered by GEWI’s TIC software product.

Reality 7 is the latest Navigation Software from Maction Technologies Inc. (Trademark owners of Papago!) and is a follow on from the very successful X6 which is the best-selling Navigation Software for PNDs in Taiwan.

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