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GEWI Professional Development – Advanced Developers Conference

GEWI places a high value on continuing education and professional development to ensure that both the TIC product and our clients benefit from the very latest available technologies.

As part of this effort, GEWI developers Alexander Fust and Sven Wiesenmuller attended Microsoft’s Advanced Developers Conference held in Bonn, Germany.

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TIC for Safety – Local Hazard Warning

Work zone safety is a concern all over the world, and GEWI is working with BMW and VZH, the Traffic Control Center in Hessen (Germany) on a project to increase safety in mobile and stationary work zones.

The project is called DIANA2 which demonstrates the Local Hazard Warning (LHW) capabilities of TPEG.

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TIC for Events – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sports and other event organizers have many logistical challenges to deal with, including providing traffic and other information to the event attendees.

These challenges also faced the organizers of the Formula 1? Grand Prix held in November in Abu Dhabi.

For the second year in a row, TIC provided the Grand Prix event organizers with a solution to not only collect, manage and distribute traffic information for the event, but also to easily manage many other data types.

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TIC Smart Client Remote

Other web based solutions for entering traffic data often have significant limitations in performance or very basic features. With TIC Smart Client Remote, it’s a whole new ballgame!

All of the features of the TIC Smart Client Local are available to the user in the Remote version of the TIC Smart Client.

This means no additional training is required for users, and as new features and functionality are made available in TIC3, they are immediately available to both the TIC Smart Client Local and Remote applications simultaneously.

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GEWI Powers Reliable Navigation Services in Singapore

In Singapore, GEWI Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of German company GEWI Europe GmbH & Co. KG, provides real time traffic information directly to navigation devices and smart phones using data broadcasting over mobile internet and Fm radio channels. GEWI uses RDS-TMC (Radio Data Service Traffic Message Channel) to broadcast a constant stream of information which is received by the navigation device allowing the system to offer alternative routes based on the current traffic situation.

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GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour – North America

GEWI would like to thank everyone involved in hosting and attending our first ever North American Traffic Technologies Tour. Topics included technologies that are used around the world for location referencing and harmonization, data exchange between systems, next generation of real-time data for traffic navigation, and data exchange for connected vehicles/infrastructure projects. We had many requests from locations and attendees we were unable to honor, so please look for a follow-up webinar to be held in January 2011. If you’d like to receive notification of this event, register for the GEWI newsletter at

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GEWI Global Business & Product Workshop

GEWI’s 2010 global business and product workshop was held in September in Germany on the shores of Lake Tegernsee, about an hour south of Munich in Bavaria.

Teams from Product Development, Customer Projects and Sales and Marketing engaged in a week of intense review of product requirements, features, and process improvements.

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GEWI Exhibited at ITS World Congress in Busan, Korea

Visitors to ITS World Congress in Busan Korea had an opportunity to view the latest developments in TIC3, the world’s most popular platform for the management of traffic data.

GEWI’s David Marsh presented a paper on the TPEG traffic data protocol during the exhibition.

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Alpine Electronics Selects TIC NavTest

GEWI is pleased to announce that Alpine Electronics is the latest device manufacturer to use TIC NavTest for navigation testing,

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., is the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics.

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Customer Requests Generate New TIC Features

One of the ongoing benefits to GEWI clients is the continual improvement of the TIC product.

Every week, GEWI engineers release a new developmental version of the TIC3 software which includes new features. These releases are tested and then issued as new production versions about 4 times per year.

The items included in each of these releases are a summary of new features or enhancements that have been requested by TIC clients worldwide. These new features are available at no additional cost to licensed TIC clients beyond the standard support and maintenaince.

A few new features include: the ability to assign confidence levels to various types of data, deeper map zoom levels (useful for the user to recognize the traffic situation on special locations where many roads are within a small area), tile re-sizing and enhanced caching of network tiles to improve performance, and new labels for highway junctions.

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