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Customer Requests Generate New TIC Features

One of the ongoing benefits to GEWI clients is the continual improvement of the TIC product.

Every week, GEWI engineers release a new developmental version of the TIC3 software which includes new features. These releases are tested and then issued as new production versions about 4 times per year.

The items included in each of these releases are a summary of new features or enhancements that have been requested by TIC clients worldwide. These new features are available at no additional cost to licensed TIC clients beyond the standard support and maintenaince.

A few new features include: the ability to assign confidence levels to various types of data, deeper map zoom levels (useful for the user to recognize the traffic situation on special locations where many roads are within a small area), tile re-sizing and enhanced caching of network tiles to improve performance, and new labels for highway junctions.

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TIC for location reference harmonization

GEWI has devised a unique solution to the challenge of harmonizing location references between systems and data sets. With this solution, multiple location references can be harmonized.

Objects in TIC3 can be referenced by the most popular location referencing methods such as geographical position (lat, long), TMC location, distance marker, AGORA-C and OpenLR. TIC3 locations are used for the internal representation of each location to provide harmonization between the other location referencing methods.

This means, regardless of which location referencing system is used, TIC3 is able to cross reference this data. Each referencing method will be referenced to a TIC3 Location and back to each referencing method. This makes it possible to now cross reference between any one or more referencing methods.

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TIC Supports GDF Map Data From Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ

TIC3 can be used to reference all objects to road network and areas. As a network digital map data in GDF 3.0 format from Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ can be used. TIC also features the capability to reference objects to multiple road networks, including ESRI shape files and custom networks.

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TIC for Vehicle Infrastructure Projects

In the US, the Vehicle to Infrastructure initiative is called IntelliDrive. In Europe, a similar project is underway called DIAMANT. This project involves dynamic information and applications for retaining mobility by using adaptive networks and telematics infrastrucure. TIC is used in this project to collect traffic events, link speed, variable message signs and roadwork from the road network. From the vehicle, TIC collects GPS position plus heading, speed and status of brakes, lights, and other systems.

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Denis Troian Joins GEWI Development Team

GEWI is pleased to welcome Denis Troian to the Product Development Team. Denis holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Sciences and specializes in software ergonomics and usability, and software localization. Prior to joining GEWI, Denis was a VB and C# developer at Fujitsu-Siemens.

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GEWI Global Business & Product Workshop

This September, GEWI will hold its annual business and product workshop. GEWI product development, customer projects, sales & marketing and business management teams will meet to discuss customer requirements, new markets, new technologies, and processes to improve GEWI products. The workshop also serves as a forum to improve overall GEWI business systems and processes.

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GEWI exhibited and attended TISA 2010 General Assembly

The Traveller Information Services Association, (TISA) Committee Meetings and General Assembly were held in Cologne (Germany) at the WDR exceptional “Funkhaus Wallrafplatz” venue on 22-23 June 2010. These events brought together all TISA Partners to summarize the association’s activities and achievements. GEWI has been an active member of TISA since it’s inception and is a member of the TPEG Applications Working Group (TAWG) and the TMC Location Table Release Team. In addition, GEWI participates in the Technical and Standards Committee, the Content and Service Committee and the Products Committee. At the Assembly, GEWI Europe’s CEO Hagen Geppert demonstrated how TIC can be used for TPEG: TPEG broadcast services, TPEG connected services, TPEG TEC, TPEG TFP, tpegML, TPEG binary and much more. BMT presented the TPEG Analyser version 3.0, demonstrating “TPEG ON AIR” together with Mediamobile/TDF and a TPEG test layout with the cooperation of Averna.

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TIC3 Product Feature: Speed Enforcement

Traffic enforcement data is the most recent data type that has been fully incorporated into TIC3. Traffic enforcement includes many elements including, type of enforcement, location, type of installation, maximum legal speed, reported by, and more. And, as with all TIC data types, it is a very simple process to add additional data elements to the Traffic Enforcement information type to provide maximum benefits to both the client and end user.

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TIC3 Feature: Collect GPS Data

The latest enhancement to TIC3 allows GEWI clients the ability to now collect GPS data from stand-alone GPS receivers or mobile devices with built-in GPS receivers, such as the iPhone. The collected traffic data can be shown on maps, but also to derive automatically traffic flow and traffic event data.

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SKODA Auto Signs TIC NavTest Agreement

GEWI is pleased to announce that SKODA Auto, part of the global Volkswagen (VW) group, is the latest auto manufacturer to use TIC NavTest for navigation testing. TIC NavTest is a software package used to construct data broadcasts in a test environment, typically when testing receivers and navigation systems.

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