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The Mobile Issue

​Now available in the Apple app store, the TIC Smart Client for iPad, provides the ability to create precisely referenced, accurate traffic and travel information from the scene of the incident. This data can then be quickly delivered to the traveler.

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The Emergency Issue

Stability is a word that can be used to describe both the TIC product and GEWI’s available product development resources. 2013 marks the 20th year of service for Holger Kuske, GEWI’s first employee. Holger is responsible for the data modeling needed when developing new data types for new services such as emergency information.

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The Work Zone Issue

GEWI has developed advanced features in TIC for dealing with complex work zone projects. TIC will be used in Hessen Germany for harmonized capture of work zone data on highways, federal roads and rural roads from multiple government agencies.

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New TIC Features and ITS America Edition

TIC is constantly evolving and as a benefit to GEWI customers, in this issue we detail new product features such as for Twitter and Facebook and a new Source/Result feature which helps to improve third party collected data. All of these features were developed based on customer requests.

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The Connected Vehicle – TPEG issue

GEWI has been involved in the development of TPEG from the very beginning, and is an active member of TISA. GEWI developers are active in several TISA groups, includingTISA’s TPEG Application Working Group and Speed (TAWG) and Speed Information (SPI) working group.

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The Data Issue

With more devices generating new and different types of data, resolving technical issues such as harmonization and data exchange are just a few of topics to consider. Data access and ownership are also hot topics for the public and private sector. In this issue you can read about how MDM, the German Mobility Data Marketplace is addressing these issues.

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ITS World Congress Issue

September 4th, 2012 marked GEWI’s 20th year in business and we’d like to thank all of our customers, employees and partners in the ITS industry for their part in GEWI reaching this milestone in our company history. GEWI celebrated the anniversary at their 2012 company workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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The Data Distribution Issue

​For traffic information to be useful to travelers, not only must the data be accurate, but also delivered in a consistent fashion across every platform available to drivers, in a context that suits that specific platform and location. This is exactly how TIC’s DISTRIBUTE feature is designed to perform, and is the topic of this newsletter.

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The Location Issue

​In real estate, it’s said that the three most important considerations are: location, location, location. With traffic services, this is true as well. In this edition we’ll review the challenges presented by the many methods of location referencing and how TIC software presents a solution that is used for many traffic related projects around the world.

While we’re on the topic of location referencing, we’ll profile Jürgen Terpe, GEWI’s resident expert in map and network data that is central to precise location referencing and harmonization.

GEWI is selectively expanding our global network of authorized partners. Read about Toronto based Era2, a new GEWI partner who will be using TIC for processing traffic data as they design transportation solutions for the Canadian Public Sector market.

As GEWI celebrates our 20th anniversary, we also celebrate our many long term employees whose expertise has contributed to making TIC the most widely used traffic software worldwide. Recently, TISA awarded David Marsh with their highest honor, a TISA fellowship, in consideration for his extensive contributions to the traffic and travel information industry.

GEWI is also busy with conference events, just returning from exhibiting at ITS America and preparing to exhibit at ITS Canada June 10-13th in Quebec City.

For a self-demonstration of TIC product features, we invite you to view the TIC Product Videos which have recently been updated at To discuss your requirements, please contact us at

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The Quality Issue

​GEWI is pleased to have again passed the audit for ISO quality standards certification. This marks 15 consecutive years that GEWI has been ISO certified. This year GEWI was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification. With the topic of quality at the top of our minds, we felt that quality would be an excellent theme for this GEWI newsletter.

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