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Connected vehicles and safety

In this issue, a look at something of global concern: Road Safety. Read an article about GEWI’s Connected Vehicle project which will will allow vehicles to warn other vehicles about upcoming hazards.

The safety benefits of TIC3’s new camera features are also featured as well as a profile of GEWI engineer Denis Troian who was involved in the development of those features. And we’ll look at a busy conference season including ITS Canada, ITS Europe, the TRB Performance Measures meetings in California, and GEWI Customer Projects team in Germany.

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Build vs Buy

“Build versus Buy” is a decision faced by every company. This is the same decision made more than 10 years ago by the German state police which became the beginnings of what today has evolved into the TIC3 product.

Thew new iQios traffic service in Indonesia powered by GEWI is also feature as well as a profile of GEWI entineer Thomas Rothe and his work on an exciting new method of location referencing which is being used in navigation devices: AGORA-C.​

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TIC for Parking

In this edition we’ll examine why GEWI’s TIC product becomes a smarter decision during challenging economic climates due to the flexible licensing model. There is also a look at how TIC3 is being used to manage parking data, generate test incident data, and for RDS-TMC broadcasting by M3 Asia.

And, a look at GEWI’s first webinar, hosted by ITS America, which provided an overview of the Traffic Technologies Tour held in November 2010 across the US and Canada.

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Road Safety

Road safety is a global issue, and GEWI is involved in a very interesting project designed to improve the safety of workers and warning vehicles. The project is called DIANA2, described in more detail in this month’s…

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Location Harmonization

As we enter Q4 of 2010, GEWI is pleased to report that despite challenging global economic conditions, the company is experiencing the best year in our 18 year history. Globally, connected vehicles/infrastructure is an emerging market, …

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Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure

While many were enjoying their summer vacations, TIC customers received the 7th customer release of TIC on June 29th.

TIC3 is the 4th generation of the popular TIC software platform now used in over 125 projects from around the world.

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Collecting GPS Data

In this edition of the GEWI Newsletter we welcome SKODA Auto, the most recent client for TIC NavTest software. We also have news of product updates including TIC3’s latest enhancements, the ability to collect GPS tracks in multiple formats such as NMEA and GPX and TIC for Traffic Enforcement. …

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2010 marks GEWI’s 18th year in business and we’re excited about the continued expansion of our business worldwide. GEWI now has established offices in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Houston, Texas USA and our main office in Bernburg Germany. …

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Multiple Language Support

2010 marks GEWI’s 18th year in business and we’re excited about the continued expansion of our business worldwide, and in North America. GEWI has established offices in the Houston, Texas area and will be providing software development, product support and project management services from this location. …

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TIC for Transit

Since the TIC product was introduced in 1997, GEWI has continually improved the features and functionality to address the growing needs of the transportation community. …

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