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For years, TIC been an extremely popular solution worldwide for service providers who needed an industry standard solution for RDS-TMC data distribution to the navigation device manufacturing industry. …

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Data Capture on PDAs

In this edition, we’d like to talk a little about the importance of flexibility. Being flexible is something GEWI believes is key in so many areas of business, especially now, when everyone is trying to do more with less. …

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We all know how challenging it can be to share data efficiently between systems. Imagine adding the complexity of 22 different countries and 7 different languages. That’s exactly what the European Road Information Center (ERIC) has been doing using the GEWI platform since 2001. …

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At GEWI, our New Years Resolution is to share ITS success stories and ideas between existing customers and other transportation professionals around the globe. …

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Work Zones and Road Conditions

It was great to see so many friends and GEWI customers from all corners of the world at our booth in New York for ITS World Congress 2008.

In addition to a “sneak preview” of the new TIC3 architecture, attendees also saw the new GEWI booth layout at the show. …

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TIC for DOT 511 Projects

Whether you are looking to launch or upgrade a 511 system, plan work zones, synchronize data for speed and flow, generate traffic simulations, alerts or other data management tasks, GEWI has a solution for you. …

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