At GEWI, our New Years Resolution is to share ITS success stories and ideas between existing customers and other transportation professionals around the globe.
With the TIC software now being used in over 100 projects worldwide, we've solved thousands of customer challenges over the past 17 years and look forward to sharing some of the lessons learned with you.
GEWI uses a "PROS" approach with our clients. PROS is an acronym for Problems, Requirements, Options and Solutions. (more on the PROS process in the next issue)
We hope you enjoy this issue, and invite you to contact us at any time to put the PROS to work for you.
DOT CASE STUDY: Danish Road Directorate
In 2006, the DRD deployed TIC from GEWI as a solution for collecting traffic event and speed and flow data from 100 departments. Today, in 2009 TIC continues to be the platform that provides the sole source for traffic information for all of Denmark.
Traffic information is automatically disseminated to their web site, IVR and delivered to radio stations as well as broadcast in RDS-TMC to navigation systems.
Web users can view current and forecast traffic information, webcams ferry information and fuel prices online at
For more information on the Danish Road Directorate, visit
TIC for Traffic Plans & Simulation
Improved Planning & Operation
TIC provides the opportunity to create and operate a consistent set of traffic plans on a single software platform.
TIC can be used off-line with historic data to create, simulate, and compare pre-defined plans.
TIC can also be used on-line with live, forecasted, and historic data to monitor situations and recommend plans. Results can be viewed in a list, chart or map.
Rich Criteria Set
TIC can use many different types of data to fulfill a rich set of planning criteria, such as:
  • Road network conditions and sensors.
  • Traffic Patterns, traffic flows, and work zones.
  • Weather patterns & social events.
  • CO2, NO2 and particle emissions & more...
Automated Workflows
TIC can step through pre-defined action plans either by operator approval or automatically, such as re-routing traffic in response to an accident.
Actions can include:
  • Set message signs (DMS, VMS).
  • Warnings over RDS-TMC, radio and TV.
  • Request emergency response, police and tow trucks.
  • ...and more as defined by the user.
TIC is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution proven in over 100 projects operating worldwide, and can be deployed faster, more affordably, and with less risk than build-your-own solutions.
New Brochure & Leaflets Available
GEWI has released a new product brochure which describe the TIC3 architecture.
New leaflets are also available to show how TIC3 may be used for:
DOT Traveler Information Services, Work Zone & Road Conditions, Traffic Flows & Prediction, Traffic Plans & Simulation, Traffic Data Capture on PDA's, RDS-TMC and TPEG Broadcast Services, Radio & TV Traffic Reports and Radio Program Associated Data (RDS, DAB).
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
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Jan/Feb 2009
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DOT Case Study: Danish Road Directorate
TIC for Traffic Plans & Simulation
New Brochure & Leaflets Available
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TIC Brochure
Traffic Flow & Predictions
Traffic Plans & Simulation
Traffic Data Capture on PDAs
Company Stability
At GEWI, we understand the importance of stability in every area of our company. From products, and services to support & maintenance, and clear client communications, GEWI has a history of providing a first-class customer experience since 1992.
Client Stability
This first-class experience is evidenced in the very low turnover in client projects. Since the inception of the TIC software, GEWI has over 90% client retention rate. We are very proud of that statistic and work hard every day to maintain that high level of quality service.
Software Stability
The TIC software platform is highly scaleable and can run in a number of configurations and side by side with other applications.
TIC software is so stable that the German State Police use it on the same computers that run their command and control operations.
And, while TIC3 is the new generation of our software, GEWI never forces a client to upgrade. We will continue to support previous software versions as long as even one client still uses GEWI's support and maintenance service.
Resource Stability
Low staff turnover means retaining experience and expertise which results in maintaining consistent client relationships.
GEWI understands the additional time and costs involved for everyone when turnover happens.
The average GEWI employee has been with the company for 9 years and since GEWI was founded in 1992 our employee turnover has been less than 10%.
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