For years, TIC been an extremely popular solution worldwide for service providers who needed an industry standard solution for RDS-TMC data distribution to the navigation device manufacturing industry.
RDS-TMC has served the industry well for many years, but its replacement is coming in the form of TPEG.
TPEG is an exciting new format that provides maximum flexibility in delivering a wider variety of information to consumers.
GEWI is proud to have been involved in the development of the TPEG standard, and in this issue, we'll provider a primer that describes some of the main features and benefits of TPEG.
The TIC platform is compatible with TPEG, along with all other popular protocols, and GEWI already has TPEG projects deployed in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.
So, when you're ready for TPEG, TIC is ready for you.
The TIC Platform is, of course, configurable for much more than RDS-TMC and TPEG delivery. See the links to our brochure and other use cases for more information as to how this highly configurable, advanced platform can be used for a variety of transportation related projects.
We hope you enjoy this issue, and invite you to contact us at any time to discuss your project requirements.
TIC3 on Display at ITS World Congress
The latest generation of the highly acclaimed TIC software platform will be on display at ITS World Congress.
The new TIC3 architecture makes it extremely easy to add new data types quickly. These data types are then immediately available to the seven main features of the TIC Platform: Manually Create, Collect, View, Store, Automatically Create, Monitor and Distribute.
As a result, TIC3 can now work with any data type or file type including camera images, speed flow data, GPS data, CAD dispatch data, transit data, weather data and much more.
With TIC3's flexibility, the only your imagination!
TPEG - An Overview
The Traffic Experts Protocol Group (TPEG) was founded in 1997 by the European Broadcasting Union.
The BBC started the first TPEG service in 1999. But the BMW driven test service Mobile.Info in 1996-1997 is credited with generating the commercial market for TPEG.
The TPEG protocol could be considered the "next generation" of RDS-TMC with many exciting features.
TPEG is designed to provide many more types of information to the end user including: TFP-Traffic Flow & Prediction, TEC-Traffic Event Compact, PKI-Parking Information, RTM-Road Traffic Messages, PTI-Public Transport Information, SPI-Speed Information, and more.
As shown in the graphic, TPEG allows many services to be multiplexed into one broadcast stream. This could allow, for example, commercial and non-commercial providers to share bandwidth to reduce costs.
TPEG also provides for "Early Filtering of Data" and will only decode information relevant to your current location.
The MMC - Message Management Container, allows options to update all information, or to conserve bandwidth, only update data which is updated frequently. The SNI-Service Network Information allows each component to be broadcast at different intervals, again conserving bandwidth.
TPEG's most exciting feature is its native Location Referencing approach, TPEG-Loc. Based to some degree on the ILOC approach, tpeg-locML or TPEG-Loc for the binary service, has been further developed and has added a large amount of sophistication to its ability to describe locations within networks.
For more information on TPEG, contact
New Brochure & Leaflets Available
GEWI has released a new product brochure which describe the TIC3 architecture.
New leaflets are also available to show how TIC3 may be used for:
DOT Traveler Information Services, Work Zone & Road Conditions, Traffic Flows & Prediction, Traffic Plans & Simulation, Traffic Data Capture on PDA's, RDS-TMC and TPEG Broadcast Services, Radio & TV Traffic Reports and Radio Program Associated Data (RDS, DAB).
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
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Aug/Sept 2009
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GEWI Profile
Matthias Defee
Matthias Defee
Customer Projects
As our primary topic this month is TPEG, we felt it only appropriate to profile one of the world's leading experts on the TPEG standard.
Matthias Defee has been actively involved in the development of TPEG as a member of the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) and as a part of the project.
Matthias joined GEWI in 2002 as product manager. Today, he serves as Director of Customer Projects with responsibility for key projects and heads a team of GEWI project managers. Duties include specification and enforcement of rules and procedures, and project management.
Holding both an MBA and Computer Science degree, Matthias is uniquely qualified to assist GEWI customers from both a business and technical perspective.
If you have any questions relating to TPEG, you may contact Matthias at:
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