While many were enjoying their summer vacations, TIC customers received the 7th customer release of TIC on June 29th.
TIC3 is the 4th generation of the popular TIC software platform now used in over 125 projects from around the world. In this newsletter, we'll describe the GEWI customer request process which is the key behind the deep functionality and wide range of features built into the TIC product.
GEWI is also planning to hit the road this fall to demonstrate traffic technologies that are used around the world. Read more on the GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour in this issue.
We'd also like to welcome Denis Troian to the GEWI Product Development team, and profile Sven Wiesenmüller who is key to the development of speed and flow components for TIC.
And, the GEWI web site continues to be improved. So, if it's been a while since you logged in, do pay us another visit. We've made many improvements and look for more to come at
GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour
GEWI main
GEWI will be hitting the road this fall in both the US and Canada for our first ever Traffic Technologies Tour.
The purpose of the tour is to exchange information about advanced traffic technologies that are being used around the world to solve a variety of transportation related problems. This includes global vehicle/infrastructure projects, similar to the US IntelliDrive initiative.
GEWI will also be looking to hear your current traffic data challenges and include those requirements in future releases of the TIC product. This tour is just one of the many ways we ensure that the TIC software continues to be the global leader for the processing of transportation data.
If you're interested in attending or hosting this free event in your area, contact
GEWI Global Business & Product Workshop
This September, GEWI will hold its annual business and product workshop in Bavaria, south of Munich Germany.
This workshop is an annual opportunity for GEWI global product development, customer projects, sales & marketing and business management teams to come together to discuss customer requirements, new markets, new technologies, and processes to improve GEWI products.
GEWI staff from North America, Singapore and the UK will travel to Germany to discuss TIC product features which will improve efficiencies during customer project implementation and option.
GEWI workshop
The workshop also serves as a forum to improve overall GEWI business processes and business systems. Last year's workshops generated many ideas which have already been incorporated into both GEWI business processes and the TIC product. One such improvement is the new Auto Complete feature which is used to quickly define the location and the event of a travel event code. This feature provides a very fast and efficient method of data entry for operators using the TIC system.
TIC for Vehicle Infrastructure Projects
TIC for Traffic Enforcement
In the US, the Vehicle to Infrastructure initiative is called IntelliDrive. In Europe, a similar project is underway called DIAMANT. This project involves dynamic information and applications for retaining mobility by using adaptive networks and telematics infrastructure.
TIC is used in the DIAMANT project, to collect traffic events, link speed, variable message signs and roadwork from the road network. From the vehicle, TIC collects GPS position plus heading, speed and status of brakes, lights, and other systems.
The DIAMANT project is sponsored by the German Federal State Hesse.
Besides this project, TIC has been used in other research projects dealing with vehicle and infrastructure communications, including GST - Global System for Telematics, Coopers - Cooperative Systems for Intelligent Road Safety and CVIS - Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure systems.
For more information on TIC for navigation and connected services, contact
Customer Requests Create TIC Success
Customer Request
GEWI has been developing solutions to customer problems and requirements for 18 years.
In that time, we've created a customer request process as a means for GEWI clients to actively participate in the product development process.
Once a request is submitted, it is analyzed to properly categorize the request as a product, system, project or contractual change. Once this has been determined, the appropriate change is made to the product, system, project or contract.
GEWI's solutions to these client product requests then become features of the TIC system which now serve clients along every link of the traffic information chain. Over the years, thousand of features have been added to the TIC product, most having origins as customer requests.
It is the output of this customer request process that has made TIC the most robust, flexible and technically advanced solution available for the management of traffic and traveler information worldwide.
For more information on TIC, contact
Denis Troian Joins GEWI Development Team
Denis Troian
GEWI is pleased to welcome Denis Troian to the Product Development Team.
Denis holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Sciences and specializes in software ergonomics and usability, and software localization.
Prior to joining GEWI, Denis was a VB and
C# developer at Fujitsu-Siemens.
Download TIC Brochure & Leaflets
TIC Brochure
The TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf-software (COTS).
Use the "Quick Links" section of this newsletter to download a product brochure which describes the TIC3 architecture. You can also download leaflets which demonstrate how TIC3 may be used for:
- ATIS, DOT and 511 Services.
- Mobile Devices.
- Navigation and Connected Services
- Radio & TV Traffic Reports
- Work Zones & Road Conditions.
As a COTS solution, TIC can be deployed much more quickly and cost effectively than custom built solutions, yet still offer the most advanced features and functionality.
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
GEWI Newsletter
July/Aug 2010
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Denis Troian joins Product Development team
GEWI Profile - Sven Wiesenmüller
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GEWI Profile
Sven Wiesenmüller
Sven Wiesenmüller
Product Component Developer
Sven holds a Diplom (combined bachelors and masters degree) in computer science from the University of Leipzig where his focus was on Geo Information Systems, Robotics and Machine Learning.
His area of specialization within the GEWI Product Development team is GPS track matching and location referencing.
Sven's expertise in a variety of referencing methods (Geo Position, TIC3 Location, TMC Location, DistanceMarker, AgoraC and OpenLr) is very important due to TIC's ability to harmonize data between multiple location referencing systems,
Components developed by Sven allow TIC to create traffic flow automatically from GPS data and create traffic events from traffic flow data.
Sven was responsible for the development of the component which allows TIC to be used with the INRIX data feed.
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