As a global company, GEWI has seen first-hand how the challenging economic climate has affected many regions of the world. Despite these challenges for both public and private sector customers, the task remains to continue to make progress on technology projects even while budgets remained constrained.
As budgets shrink, TIC's flexible licensing model has proven to be very beneficial to customers of all sizes and types and has helped GEWI's global business remain strong. Central to the pricing process is GEWI's Global Business Director Andrew Kristoffy, who is profiled in this edition.
In this issue we'll also take a look at how TIC3 is being used to manage parking data, generate test incident data, and for RDS-TMC broadcasting by M3 Asia.
GEWI also recently held its first webinar, hosted by ITS America, which was an overview of the Traffic Technologies Tour held in November 2010 across the US and Canada.
For more information on TIC products, customers and markets served, please see the Quick Links section of this newsletter or visit
Traffic Technologies Tour - 2011 Webinar
GEWI Webinar
In November 2010, GEWI held its first Traffic Technologies Tour in North America.
The tour goal was to provide a forum for information exchange between GEWI and agencies at the city, state, federal level as well as in Canada.
GEWI visited TxDOT in Austin, Texas, CDOT in Chicago, Illinois, USDOT in Washington, DC and met with several agencies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Tour topics included data harmonization, location referencing, connected vehicles (V2I, I2V), data exchange between systems, and delivering real time data to the next generation of navigation devices.
On January 28th, in association with ITS America, GEWI held a webinar which presented a summary of the discussion of topics from the Traffic Technologies Tour. The webinar has been archived by ITS America and is available by clicking here.
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TIC3 Scalable Features - Scalable Pricing
TIC3 Ballgame LogoGEWI has designed the TIC3 product to be flexible in many ways. This includes:
  • Flexible architecture.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Flexible deployment.
  • Flexible pricing models.
This means the same TIC software may be used for a variety of transportation related tasks (see TIC brochure section at end of newsletter) and can be purchased with an annual or perpetual license in a variety of ways:
  • One-time fee.
  • Revenue share fee.
  • Device fee.
  • Other fees (see profile for Andrew Kristoffy).
This allows TIC to be used for projects of all sizes, for both public and private sector customers, with pricing scaled to meet the specific requirements of each project.
Pricing is scaled based on the TIC features required for the project, the geographical area of the market, and the purpose for which TIC will be used.
TIC's flexibility allow for many creative solutions to be considered, including data types, volume, and other variables. As project requirements grow or change, TIC's licensing can be modified and customers can often begin using the additional TIC features without the need to install any new software, simply by configuring the new additional licensed TIC features.
For more information on how TIC could be licensed for your project, contact
TIC for Test Data
One of the strengths of TIC3 is the ability to be used by many different public and private sectors for a wide variety of traffic related tasks.
System testing is a critical part of any pre-deployment effort, and GEWI identified the need to be able to generate variable volumes and complexities of test data to ensure that systems and networks were properly configured to function efficiently under the most challenging operational conditions.
To solve this issue, GEWI's product development team created a TIC Server Component Type called "Test Data" as part of the "Automatically Create" feature of TIC.
This component is used for two different purposes:
  1. To create arbitrary mass data for testing system performance under load.
  2. To create presentation data.
Both features can be used to create any TIC object type needed (i.e. parking, work zone, camera, traffic and travel event, weather, etc.)
TIC provides many ways to control how the Test Data component automatically creates mass data. Settings include:
  • Object Template: This is a baseline from which the data is created which allows as many predefined values as needed. The object type is also defined in this template.
  • Number: How many objects need to be created.
  • Create Random Value: Here can be defined which data elements of the created data should get arbitrary, random values.
  • Create Location: This setting is especially important when generating presentation data. It is used to create visually appealing locations. Options include setting the road network, geographical area, road classes and maximum incident length.
Much more technical information is available. If you are interested in more on TIC for Test Data, contact
TIC for Parking
TIC for ParkingWhether for commercial vehicles, commuters, or tourists, GEWI has seen efficient parking management has become an increasingly more important issue around the world.
Parking is just one of the many information types easily handled by the TIC3 software, and in this edition, we'll focus on just two projects where TIC will be used for processing parking data.
The first project is for SWR in Southwest Germany. SWR is a broadcast company which asked GEWI to implement a solution for collecting parking data in Stuttgart.
In this project, TIC3 will be used to track the available parking spaces at each monitored parking facility in Stuttgart.
In Switzerland, TIC3 will be used by Viasuisse, the traffic information center in Switzerland to collect parking information from automobile clubs and other sources.
TIC processes the information reported by each facility including capacity, occupancy trend, opening times, price, passage height, passage width, security, special parking spaces and much more.
The parking information is then used by RDS-TMC or TPEG services to alert drivers about abnormal parking situations.
If you would like to learn more about how TIC can be used for your parking project, contact
M3 Asia Uses TIC for RDS-TMC
M3 Asia
M3Asia Distribution Pte. Ltd. ("M3Asia"), recently launched the latest Navigation Software for GPS Personal Navigation Device (PND) from Papago! - Reality 7, powered by GEWI's TIC software product.
Reality 7 is the latest Navigation Software from Maction Technologies Inc. (Trademark owners of Papago!) and is a follow on from the very successful X6 which is the best-selling Navigation Software for PNDs in Taiwan and is a market leader across ASEAN.
"It will be available first, with the Papago! R6600 which has the TMC hardware in built within the unit in a slim format, making messy cables for TMC enabled PNDs a thing of the past," says Lester Neil Francis, Group Chief Operations Officer M3Asia, "with the TMC functionality which uses Live traffic information - covering heavy traffic volume or congestion due to road works or accidents, users can choose to re-route to avoid traffic congestion within Singapore."
M3Asia is the sole authorized distributor of the Papago! and Wayway GPS PND. Maps for the PNDs are provided via strategic partnerships with reputable entities within the GPS/Navigational sphere, such as - Nav N Go (from Hungary), MFM (Malaysia Free Maps) and Navigasi.Net Indonesia.
Download TIC Brochure & Leaflets
TIC BrochureThe TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf-software (COTS).
Use the "Quick Links" section of this newsletter to download a product brochure which describes the TIC3 architecture. You can also download leaflets which demonstrate how TIC3 may be used for many purposes including:
- ATIS, DOT and 511 Services.
- Mobile Devices.
- Navigation and Connected Services
- Radio & TV Traffic Reports
- Work Zones & Road Conditions.
As a COTS solution, TIC can be deployed much more quickly and cost effectively than custom built solutions, yet still offer the most advanced features and functionality.
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
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GEWI Profile
Andrew Kristoffy
Andrew Kristoffy
Global Business Director
Prior to joining GEWI in 2000, Andrew Kristoffy worked with the Automobile Association (AA) in the United Kingdom. At the AA, he helped to avoid an expensive and risky custom development project by purchasing TIC for the UK's first live RDS-TMC demonstration service.
Andrew has 14 years of experience in the travel information industry including specialization in market analysis, strategy and evaluation, business modeling and both product and service development.
Andrew applies his knowledge to customer projects needing creative and affordable pricing solutions, which in the past have included ARC Europe, BMW North America, Nokia, the Danish Road Directorate and many more.
Andy's hobbies include sailing which led his sailboat team to a first place finish in GEWI's first ever sailboat race at the 2010 GEWI annual meetings.
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