It has been a blistering summer for many in North America, (Dallas, Texas has set a record with 33 days in a row over 100 degrees), so weather has been on our minds, as well as on our developers "to do" list.
In this edition, we'll take a look at the new weather capabilities of TIC, and how weather data can be harmonized with other data, and used in many ways.
We'll also take a look at the new "Relation" product feature which can be used with weather, and many other data types.
The development efforts for Weather and Relation features were led by GEWI's Director of Product Rainer Klockmann, and he is profiled in this edition.
GEWI also recently attended the Indonesian Motor Show where iQios announced a new traffic service using the TIC product.
And finally, news from the recent customer project meeting held in Berlin.
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TIC Product Feature: Relation
RelationGEWI's Product Development team is always receiving innovative requests from existing and potential customers. Many of these requests become new product features which improve the TIC product for all of our customers. The latest new product feature is called "Relation".
The concept of Relation is very simple, but the benefits it brings to the TIC product and for our customers are very powerful.
Six types of geographical relations can be analyzed by TIC which can be used to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of the traffic data capture and dissemination.
They include:
  • Nearby, (with configurable distance).
  • Identical.
  • Overlapped.
  • Adjacent.
  • Enclosed.
  • Contained.
The Relation feature allows for the geographical relation of the data to be computed which results in the ability to alert the operator of similar messages, prevent them from creating duplicate data, or to support the operator to combine related data into a single event. (for example an accident which has happened within a work zone).
What does this mean in the real world? Below is an example of how the Relation feature provides a benefit in a traffic center control room. The image shows how an incident, camera images and weather information can all be related.
Relation Camera Wheater
In this case, the window at left describes the traffic incident, in the center; the incident is shown on the map along with the related camera icon. At right, the camera or cameras which are contained within the visible area of the camera are shown, as well as the weather (lower right) for the affected area.
This is just one example of how Relation can be used to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of traffic data capture and dissemination.
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Weather Together With Traveler Info in TIC3
Recently, GEWI's Product Developers put the finishing touches on new Weather features for TIC3.
TIC3 can now process "Weather Observation" data, "Weather Forecast" data and "Precipitation Radar" data.
By storing all weather data, GEWI customers can use the archived data to analyze whether traffic incidents were caused by weather conditions such as heavy rain. This is done by using the "Relation" product feature.
TIC also provides the ability to distribute weather data in multiple formats, for example to be shown on a web site.
Operators have many options for viewing weather data, in a list, or as icons on a map combined with traffic events, traffic flow and other data.
Weather Precipitation Radar
Weather data can be collected from public and commercial weather data providers or from customers own weather stations.
Weather observation data can include:
  • Location.
  • Temperature.
  • Cloud Cover.
  • Visibility.
  • Wind chill temperature, direction, speed and gusts.
  • Air pressure.
  • Humidity.
  • Precipitation.
  • ...and many more.
For more information about Weather in TIC3, contact
Reserve Your Ride for ITS World Congress Demo
GEWI and BMW have teamed up for a connected vehicle technology demonstration at the upcoming ITS World Congress in Orlando, FL this October 16-20th.
The demonstration features the collection of event and advice data with real-time location information from a roadwork vehicle. This is then processed by the TIC software and then the information is relayed to the driver of the BMW vehicle as a Local Hazard Warning (LHW) message on their navigation device.
LHW will be offered as a commercial service in 2012 in Germany and is expected to improve safety in work zones.
Attendees to the ITS World Congress will have an opportunity to preview the service and participate in a ride-along to experience the LHW technology demonstration firsthand in Orlando.
If you'd like to reserve a ride in the demonstration at ITS World Congress, contact
TIC Powers New iQios Indonesia Traffic Service
iQios LogoiQios, who specializes in GPS fleet tracking systems and GEWI have partnered to introduce the first traffic service for GPS navigation, car audio system and smart phones in Indonesia.
This service will be launched in September 2011 covering the Jakarta area with plans to cover Greater Jakarta in 2012. Moving forward, iQios plans to expand its coverage to Bandung and Surabaya in 2013.
This service can be enjoyed by GPS navigation users, car audio systems and smart phones to inform drivers where traffic jams, accidents or road works are located. The software in GPS will automatically calculate the fastest detour route avoiding those locations so that road users will not get trapped in prolonged traffic jam.
Traffic jams in Jakarta cause cumulative losses of about 28 trillion rupiah (USD 3billion) per year and any kind of traffic information will be very valuable for road users, especially for unexpected incidents like traffic jams, road work, flood zone, etc.
Using GEWI's TIC software product, collected traffic data can be quickly and easily broadcast to more than 3 million road users and help road users avoid roads which are more congested than usual.
GEWI Europe, the world's leading traffic information software provider is also the creator of Indonesia's only TISA certified location table that will be used for location coding in iQios' traffic service.
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GEWI at Indonesian Motor Show
Lim Motor ShowJuly 22nd - 31st, GEWI attended the 19th Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) at Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran.
GEWI was there to support a customer, iQios Sejahtera who announced plans to launch their real-time traffic service by September 2011 (see story above).

At the iQios exhibit stand, attendees were able to see firsthand on a PND how real-time traffic from the iQios traffic service, using the TIC software, is used to advise driver of traffic events ahead of their route.
The IIMS is an annual motor/auto show held by Gaikindo (Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Indonesia or The Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries, Indonesia) and is the biggest automotive show in South East Asia. With over 1 million visitors, the IIMS
iQios Device
iQios demonstrating traffic service
to News Reporter at Motor Show
remains as the most popular automobile show in the eastern world and with the most media coverage in Indonesia.
GEWI 2011 Customer Projects Workshop
CP Workshop 2011Continuous improvement in the TIC product and customer service is GEWI's constant goal.
Earlier this year both the Marketing & Sales teams and Product Development teams held their own workshops to improve processes in their respective areas.
In June, it was GEWI's Customer Projects team who met at the ProArte Hotel in Berlin for two days of meetings focused on improving GEWI Customer Projects processes and the experience for GEWI customers.
Meeting sessions focused on many GEWI customer processes including Request for Product Changes, Project Business Rules, Online Customer Service and Delivery of GEWI products and Collection of Requirements, Design Process and Information.
As is typical of an intensive GEWI workshop, all participants were energized by the free exchange of ideas, and we expect GEWI's customers to see improvements based on the process and structural improvements made at this workshop.
Download TIC Brochure & Leaflets
GEWI Brochure 2011
The TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf-software (COTS).
Use the "Quick Links" section of this newsletter to download a product brochure which describes the TIC3 architecture. You can also download leaflets which demonstrate how TIC3 may be used for many purposes including:
- ATIS, DOT and 511 Services.
- Mobile Devices.
- Navigation and Connected
- Radio & TV Traffic Reports.
- Work Zones & Road
As a COTS solution, TIC can be deployed much more quickly and cost effectively than custom build-your-own solutions, yet still offer the most advanced features and functionality.
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
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GEWI Profile
Rainer Klockmann
Rainer Klockmann
Product Development
Rainer joined GEWI in 2005 as a student apprentice, and was hired full time in 2006 after graduating with a computer science degree from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen, Germany.
His early work at GEWI involved TIC TPEG and TIC Digital Radio for the TIC2 product generation. He was also involved in several EU research projects including the project where he helped develop the TPEG standard.
When TIC development began, Rainer played a key role in the Data Store and Data Model.
Today as Director of Product Development he focuses more on TIC3 design and modeling and leading the overall direction for the TIC3 product.
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