Few companies have provided Intelligent Transportation Solutions longer than GEWI.  Founded in 1992,  GEWI is entering its 20th year in business and 2012 is the 15th year of the TIC product, now in its 4th generation.  GEWI has a history of stability not just in the TIC product, but also in the GEWI business, resources and GEWI customers.

In this edition of GEWI newsletter, we focus on stability and portability: two topics which should be of concern to anyone looking for an ITS solution.  If the company or the solution itself is not stable, risks and ultimately costs increase.  Portability should be a consideration for organizations conducting business in more than one area.  TIC's flexible architecture allows the solution to be used by other agencies, districts, states, provinces, or countries, regardless of location or incident referencing standards or even language.


This issue also described how GEWI customer Sygic uses GEWI's MIB Information Service in Singapore and Indonesia.  GEWI's founder, Hagen Geppert is profiled here as the company celebrates its 20th year creating advanced solutions for the traffic and transportation markets.


We also take a look ahead at events that GEWI will be attending in the first quarter of 2012 including Intertraffic Amsterdam and the Asia Pacific ITS Forum.  For a quick demonstration of product features we invite you to view the TIC Product Videos which have recently been updated at


TIC For Radio Traffic News

For the past 15 years, TIC has been used for a wide variety of projects including:  


- Data harmonization and exchange


- Traffic and travel information services

- Work zones

- Navigation system testing 

- Radio data

- Connected vehicles


The same TIC product that is used in all of these customer projects can also be configured to be used to provide traffic news for radio stations, such as SWR and NDR in Germany.  TIC has also recently been licensed for radio stations in Brazil to create traffic news for an international service provider.  TIC Connects many of the components used in traffic news for radio market supply chain.


TIC can be used by radio stations and traffic information service providers to collect and create traffic information, announce traffic reports, and distribute to other services and systems.

TIC can be used to create traffic and travel event data reported by drivers, dedicated reporters, police, and other government agencies. The data can contain details about the event, location, text, audio, map and video images.

TIC can also collect data already created by public agencies and commercial traffic information service providers.  Data can be compared and merged to reduce duplication and can be organized to increase relevance to the radio audience.

Producers can then use TIC to create news stories by selecting, grouping, and prioritizing traffic and travel events into a traffic news report.  When different reporting styles and languages are required, these can be quickly and easily created.

Announcers can then read the traffic news on-air either using the station's own system or by using TIC's own news reader feature to adjust, time, and scroll the news report.

News reports can be published for use by stations, broadcasters, and agencies. Data can be distributed to websites, smart phones apps, and other mobile device services. Standard data exchange formats are supported including IPTC and NewsML (XML). 

2012 Marks GEWI's 20th Year in Business
When Hagen Geppert and Dr. Karl Will founded GEWI in 1992, they used the first two letters of their family names to create the company name, so "Ge and Wi" became GEWI.

Today, 20 years later, the GEWI name has come to represent excellence and innovation in the field of software for the transportation industry.

GEWI started as a hardware and software company, developing components for TV sets and satellite receivers for customers such as SONY and Grundig.

One of the projects was to display traffic on TV sets where GEWI discovered there was no adequate software solution to collect, store and distribute digitized traffic data to the hardware.  GEWI listened to their customers and created the solution so, in 1997, the first generation of TIC was born.

The first generation of TIC, was named TMC Office and it became foundation of what today has evolved into TIC3, the 4th generation of software that is used for a wide variety of transportation related projects all over the world.  For more information about GEWI products, visit

TIC - A Flexible, Global, Portable, Multi-lingual Traffic Solution
TIC Connects

From the earliest generations of TIC, flexibility was a main design requirement of the system.


Ten years ago when TIC was first used to CONNECT traffic data between 22 countries in 7 different languages, that flexibility was critical.


Today, with TIC3, that flexibility has been extended with a unique architecture that allows for TIC to collect virtually any type of data, including text, images, audio files, GPS, speed/flow data, map data and many more information types.


This flexibility allows TIC to be portable, which is of critical important to GEWI's global customer base who need one solution to work anywhere in the world regardless of the type of road network, incident referencing or location referencing methodology.


TIC has even been designed with its own map rendering engine so that GEWI is not dependent on any third party for this critical element of a traffic system, and to ensure maximum speed, flexibility and tight integration into the TIC system. 


Flexibility also extends to the licensing model which is scalable to allow TIC to be used for small data exchange projects, or the largest national or international information systems.


For more information about how TIC can be used for your next project, visit

Sygic Selects GEWI For Traffic in Singapore and Indonesia

Sygic, a leading developer of turn-by-turn GPS navigation software for mobile devices, has agreed to purchase GEWI's traffic and travel data to be used in association with their navigation software products in Singapore and Indonesia. The rapidly increasing number of vehicles and resulting traffic and travel events has created high demand for reliable traffic information.


Commuters can download the Sygic software through various App Stores and have instant access to the latest traffic information for Singapore and Indonesia.


The traffic and travel information is provided to Sygic by GEWI's MIB Information Service, a real-time traffic service, which is already used by nearly 10,000 drivers and is accessible on more than 500,000 smart phones in the region.


Data is created using the GEWI's TIC product and distributed in RDS-TMC format using GEWI's TMC location tables for Singapore and Indonesia.


Sygic Software is delivered worldwide in more than 30 languages.  In 2010, Sygic was acknowledged as the 4th fastest growing IT Company in Central and Eastern Europe by Deloitte, based on business results from previous five years.


Founded in 1992, GEWI has offices in Germany, Singapore, USA and UK and is recognized as a global leader in transportation software and hardware products.

GEWI Benefits BMW Drivers
BMW PaintingThe painting at left was drawn by hand...literally.  A Germany artist painted this, using only his fingers, on the back of a glass pane.  The painting was part of a BMW event sponsored by an auto dealer who owns eight BMW dealerships in Germany.  GEWI was invited to demonstrate to BMW drivers how TIC is the "Intel inside"the traffic portion of BMW's connected drive experience.  


GEWI's CEO, Hagen Geppert, attended the event and explained how, for the past 15 years, TIC has been connecting systems, vehicles and travelers.   

GEWI has been involved with BMW in research projects like DIANA2 which focuses on improving safety by delivering local hazard warnings (LHW) directly to the vehicle.


TIC is also by the German Police in all 16 Federal States to create the traffic information which is used by BMW drivers.  TIC can also be used to collect traffic data from many feeds which can then be output to Variable Message Signs (VMS), cell phones, radio stations and navigation devices.

GEWI at Asia Pacific Forum
Asia Pacific ForumGEWI would like to invite you to visit its exhibition stand, A01 at the 12th Asia-Pacific ITS Forum and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur on 16-18 April 2012.

This forum is an important platform to exchange the latest ideas, share experiences and get updates in the fast moving world of Intelligent Transport solutions and technologies.

The theme of the 12th Asia-Pacific ITS Forum and Exhibition is "ITS: POWERING TRANSFORMATION IN TRANSPORTATION", and GEWI will be exhibiting its TIC product which is has been used for a wide variety of transportation projects worldwide for the past 15 years.

If you would like to schedule a time for a personal demonstration, contact   

GEWI at Intertraffic Amsterdam
Intertraffic Amsterdam

Staying informed on current technologies and capturing new product requirements is very important to the GEWI business process.


This continual information gathering ensures that the TIC product incorporates features that our customers need not only today, but looking ahead to create solutions for future customer requirements.  To that end, GEWI will be attending Intertraffic in Amsterdam March 27-30, 2012.


Intertraffic is an international trade fair for infrastructure, ITS traffic management, safety and parking, all markets for which TIC can be used.   In 2010, Intertraffic received nearly 25,000 visitors from 114 countries and GEWI is looking forward to attending the show.  If you'd like to schedule a meeting with a GEWI representative at Intertraffic, contact

Columbian Delegation and GEWI Meet at Trade Visit

GEWI was pleased to be invited to meet with several leaders in both the public and private transportation sector from Columbia in Houston for a Reverse Trade Mission to discuss Columbia's ITS needs.


GEWI was joined by other leading U.S. public and private sector firms including AECOM, Delcan, Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), Texas Transportation Institute, (TTI), Walter P. Moore and others for this one day event in Houston, Texas.


Delegates from Columbia provided as business briefing to the U.S organizations which described the current state of ITS in Columbia, as well as their visions for the future.


U.S. companies, including GEWI then presented their solutions for the ITS sector to the Columbian delegates.


In addition to Houston, the delegates also visited Austin, Texas, Washington, D.C. and Arizona.

New Product Videos on GEWI Website
TIC Camera Feature
GEWI's web site now includes videos which demonstrate several new TIC product features.  The videos make it easy for website visitors to "self-demonstrate" the TIC system and preview specific product features of interest to them.  

Available videos include:

- Weather 

- Parking 

- Work Zone 


- Cameras 

- Traffic & Travel Events 

- Mobile Traffic Data Entry 


Several more videos are being produced to provide an introduction to other TIC product features.

Download New TIC for Traffic Brochure
GEWI Brochure 2011 WC
The TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

Click here to download a product brochure which describes the flexible TIC3 architecture which allows TIC to be used for many purposes including:

-Traffic & Travel Information Services
-Connected Vehicles
-Parking Information
-Navigation System Testing
-Data Harmonization and Exchange
-Work Zones
-Radio Data

As a commercial off-the shelf (COTS) solution, TIC can be deployed much more quickly and cost effectively than custom build-your-own solutions,      yet still offer the most advanced features and  functionality.

For more information, visit

GEWI Newsletter
Jan/Feb 2012 

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GEWI Profile

Hagen Geppert
Hagen Geppert
CEO, Worldwide
Bernburg Germany is not only GEWI's European home, it is also where Founder and CEO Hagen Geppert grew up.
As the CEO of a global company, Hagen spends much of his time on the road.  In the 20 years since GEWI was founded, Hagen has traveled to every continent and to more than 50 counties, meeting with GEWI customers and gathering requirements.
For the past 15 years, TIC has been continually improved as solutions to customer requirements are added to the TIC product.
Hagen graduated with a degree in Engineering Informatics from Lviv in the former Soviet Unionand returned to Bernburg to work as a software developer for a, a manufacturer of TV sets in Stassfurt, Germany.
This is where the concept was born to create software and hardware for TV sets, which was GEWI's original business in 1992.
The GEWI software business grew out of recognizing the need for software to distribute traffic data to TV sets.
Hagen is a member of all GEWI business teams but may be most active in the Product Development team as he works to ensure the TIC product continues to be the most stable, flexible and full featured traffic data software available, and continues to improve to meet customer requests and requirements.
Hagen speaks German, English and Russian, and when not traveling for business, Hagen enjoys traveling for pleasure as well.  And, when not in the seat of an airplane, he can be found o his BMW mountain bike which is the one hobby he regularly works to fit into his busy schedule.