GEWI has always been about data.  Each of the TIC main product features deal with various elements of interacting with data.  (collect, create, store, monitor, view, distribute).


With more devices generating new and different types of data, resolving technical issues such as harmonization and data exchange are just a few of topics to consider.  Data access and ownership are also hot topics for the public and private sector.


In this issue you can read about how MDM, the German Mobility Data Marketplace is addressing these issues.   You can also watch a video and see how TIC is used with GPS data, how TIC can be used for graphical VMS signs and how winter road condition data can be processed using TIC.


We congratulate Mathias Müller as he will celebrate his 12th year with GEWI next month.  You can read more about Mathias in this issue along with GEWI's participation in the "Steps to Work" program and attendance at the recent EasyWay forum in the U.K. 


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GEWI Participates in  MDM User Conference Forum

TIC Connects MDM, the German Mobility Data Marketplace, held their first ever user conference in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany November 14-15, 2012.


The goal of MDM is to make it easier for public and private organizations to access the growing number of traffic data created by cities, Federal DOT's, traffic management centers, and other government and private organizations.


During the conference GEWI exhibited TIC Product and services and also provided a presentation entitled "Added Value Services for the MDM".


The MDM platform provides the ability to share a wide range of real-time traffic data including:, sensor, flow, work zone information, incident information using the DATEX II data format and communication protocol. The MDM web portal allows users to view what type of data is available and search for specific data feeds for a particular coverage area of Germany.


The concept for the marketplace began in 2007, in 2011 MDM started as a test service and became operational in 2012 as a pilot program which will continue until the end of 2013.

GEWI will feed the incident data from all the German State Police into the MDM marketplace. GEWI also offers a cloud based data service to data providers and data consumers to make all data compatible with the MDM data interface. This ensures that any organization, regardless of data format or technical capabilities can deposit or access data from the MDM marketplace.


If you need assistance in data conversion or DATEX2, contact For more information about the MDM marketplace contact

TIC Generates Graphical Traffic Images for VMS Signs
VMS Sign  The new generation of roadside VMS (Variable Message Signs) can display graphical color images to vehicle drivers.  TIC automatically creates graphical images which can contain a simplified road map, text, and icons based on up-to-date traffic information on the roads ahead.

Graphic based traffic information is usually simpler and easier for drivers to understand, helping them to quickly decide which routes to use or avoid.  TIC generates simple stylized images showing the road network and the image can be updated every few minutes based on the latest traffic data.

TIC not only distributes the dynamically generated images to VMS signs, but also to smart phones and public or transport agency websites.  Traffic control centers can control the information shown and the distribution of the generated images.

Roads can be colored to represent traffic flow conditions, for example green for free flowing traffic and red for slow moving vehicles.  The rules which specify road colors can be easily configured and changed for each individual VMS location.  For more information, contact
 GEWI Event:  EasyWay Forum
EasyWay Forum 2012GEWI joined over 150 key ITS professionals and policy makers, from DOT road authorities to commercial service providers, representing over 30 countries across Europe, during EasyWay's fourth annual forum in London.


Andrew Kristoffy, GEWI's Director of Marketing and Sales Worldwide, commented "Not only was it impressive how many expert colleagues I met, but the real surprise was the vast experience which can be gained from many relevant European ITS collaboration projects: we congratulate EasyWay on its achievements!"


Over the next weeks, Easyway is publishing online the resulting Deployment Guidelines (DG) for many ITS projects, range from DOT performance indicators to commercial Bluetooth based traffic data collection.


GEWI's off-the-shelf TIC software product can be consistently configured to support and grow many EasyWay deployments at a lower cost and risk than multiple and different build-your-own systems.

TIC Product Feature Video - GPS
 GEWI Participates in Successful "Steps to Work" Program

GEWI Students GEWI has a long history of attracting some of the most talented technical staff in the industry. Thanks to the "Steps to work" program initiated by the IWS Institute and funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and from the state Saxony-Anhalt, two students were provided an opportunity to work firsthand with the GEWI technical staff. The goal of the program is to provide hands-on experience and provide students a head start towards a career in their field of study.


Markus Bergt and Martin Koppehel were selected to participate in this program with GEWI and in October 2012 presented their paper and project work to the other companies, teachers and university representatives involved in the program.


During their time at GEWI from April to October 2012, Markus and Martin worked on configuring TIC camera features including creating "Visible area" and "Direction" information as well as identifying hundreds of new traffic cameras that can be used with TIC in the USA, Russia, UK and Germany. They also added additional information into the TIC "Country" data which is fundamental to localization features including maximum legal speeds per road class, road class name and area category name.


Their internship also included programming tasks including software modifications to connect TIC with Twitter and create diversion routes in TIC for German autobahns.


By all measures the "Steps to work" program has proven quite successful for all parties involved and has already put Markus and Martin to work as GEWI has extended their assignment until the end of 2012.

 Product Videos on GEWI Website
TIC Camera Feature
GEWI's web site now includes videos for several TIC product features.  The videos make it easy for website visitors to self-demonstrate part of the TIC system and to preview specific product features of interest to them.  

Available videos include:

- Weather 

- Parking 

- Work Zone 



- Traffic & Travel Events 

- Mobile Traffic Data Entry

- Traffic News


More videos are being produced to provide an introduction to other TIC product features, so check occasionally to view the new videos.  

Download Latest TIC for Traffic Brochure
GEWI Brochure 2011 WC
The TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

Click here to download a product brochure which describes the flexible TIC3 architecture which allows TIC to be used for many purposes including:

-Traffic & Travel Information Services
-Connected Vehicles
-Parking Information
-Navigation System Testing
-Data Harmonization and Exchange
-Work Zones
-Radio Data

As a commercial off-the shelf (COTS) solution, TIC can be deployed much more quickly and cost effectively than custom build-your-own solutions while offering the most advanced features and  functionality.

For more information, visit

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Nov/Dec 2012 

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 GEWI Profile
Mathias Müller
Mathias Müller
Customer Projects
Mathias has been involved with GEWI for more than half the company's twenty year history.

He joined GEWI in January of 2001, initially as a software developer.  In 2003 he transitioned to Project Manager and he has been a key member of GEWI's customer project team ever since.
Mathias is a graduate engineer in computer science from Anhalt University.  His software skills include development in C++, JavaScript, VBScript and XSLT.  He is an expert in the DATEX data exchange format and has been involved in the successful execution of GEWI projects in Germany, Austria, North America and worldwide.

He is fluent in English and German and enjoys Soccer, Cycling, Swimming as well as American Football.
Mathias' experience in a wide range of customer projects and his nearly 12 years GEWI product and customer support history have played an important role in making TIC the leading software to CONNECT:  Systems - Vehicles - Travelers.