Much has changed in the world of traffic information in the 21 years since GEWI was founded in 1992. Today's mobile devices help to make our daily lives easier by connecting with information and services locally, nationally and worldwide.


For more than 15 years, TIC has been connecting travelers with traffic and travel information and now the TIC Smart Client is available to be used to create traffic information on a mobile device.  


Now available in the Apple app store, the TIC Smart Client for iPad, provides the ability to create precisely referenced, accurate traffic and travel information from the scene of the incident.  This data can then be quickly delivered to the traveler.  View a video on mobile traffic data entry and read about Matthias Kroll, the GEWI developer behind the product component, in this edition.  Read also about location referencing technology which allows TIC to Connect traffic and navigation.


GEWI will be exhibiting and presenting on the TPEG technology at ITS World Congress in Tokyo from 14-18 October 2013.  If you are not able visit the GEWI stand, do visit the GEWI LinkedIn or Facebook pages for the latest news and events.


Should you have any questions on anything in this newsletter, to discuss your requirements or or for a product demonstration, please contact us at

TIC CONNECTS:  Traffic and Navigation
TIC Connects

Drivers want to get the best from their navigation devices, and having accurate traffic information is becoming increasingly important, especially when needing to know the precise location of the traffic and travel event.


A popular method of location referencing is by using location codes from certified TMC location tables. TMC location tables are used by GEWI customers who operate RDS-TMC services, TPEG services, create traffic and travel information, or performance tests with TIC NavTest


Hundreds of tables have been already created worldwide,  and TIC is compatible with all of them. This is important because not all navigation systems use the latest available TMC tables and TIC can even support older TMC location tables when required. TIC supports well over 1,000 historical and current versions in total.


TIC can simultaneously use multiple location reference methods in addition to TMC locations, such as navigable digital maps found in all navigation systems, and supports TMC's precise location referencing standard which specifies the additional distance from a fixed location code. TISA Logo


In order to ensure that TMC location tables can be safely integrated into navigation systems and used in TIC software, they are certified by TISA, the Traveler Information Services Association originally founded in 2001 as the TMC Forum.

GEWI's Thomas Rothe joined the TISA TMC Location Table Release Team from the very beginning and since April 2008 has served in the role as Chair. The team is responsible for analyzing the TMC tables and certifies their implementation quality.

GEWI to Exhibit and Present on TPEG at ITS World Congress, Tokyo

null The 20th ITS World Congress will be held in Tokyo from 14-18 October, 2013 and GEWI will be attending both as an exhibitor and presenting in a technical session called "TPEG Services on a Global Scale".


GEWI representatives from Germany, Singapore and North America will be in attendance at the GEWI exhibit, located with the ITS America and ITS Canada stand #125.


The main topics of the Congress are; safety and traffic management, next generation mobility and sustainability, efficient transport systems in mega cities/regions, intermodal and multimodal systems for people and goods, personalized mobility services, resilient transport systems for emergency situations and institutional issues and international harmonization.

The GEWI exhibit will feature the TIC Smart Client for Windows and TIC Smart Client for iPad, used for mobile traffic data entry. TIC has been used since 1992 as a platform for a wide range of transportation data services, many of which are included in the main conference topics.


GEWI will also be providing a technical presentation on TPEG technology as it is used for connected vehicles, and increasing safety in work zones. For those unable to attend the conference and would like a copy of the TPEG presentation, contact


For those attending the conference who would like to reserve a time for a demonstration of how TIC is used for a variety of ITS markets, or who need a ticket to attend the exhibition, visit to locate a contact in your region.

 TIC for Mobile Traffic Data now Available in Apple Store
Organizations can now create accurate traffic and travel event information while on the move or directly at the roadside using GEWI's mobile TIC Smart Client for iPad app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store by clicking here.

Robustly designed for both commercial and government organizations, the TIC Smart Client for iPad app allows users to quickly enter, view, and share traffic and travel events.

The app uses the iPad's built-in GPS location feature to precisely locate a traffic and travel event on a road network. Users then specify the event details and may and optionally add a photo from the iPad's camera. The mobile app version is based on the popular TIC Smart Client for Windows used by traffic information operators on desktop computers worldwide.

null GEWI's pioneering TIC solutions are proven by worldwide use in the traffic information industry, the resulting data are used in top-brand navigation devices.  Data can be shared and delivered to traffic information service operators who can monitor, check, enhance, and correct information entered by iPad users before releasing.

TIC easily connects to third-party systems so the same information can be distributed to different devices to reach many people such as emergency responders and the public.

Simple and familiar iPad multi-touch hand gestures are used to create, view, update, sort, and filter traffic and travel event information, just like on the desktop version.  TIC's professional tool is now available away from the desk: try it by installing from the Apple App Store.

Connects with GEWI on LinkedIn and Facebook
With over a billion users globally, Facebook has become more than a place for friends to gather, but also a place for businesses to connect with their customers.  LinkedIn, the social networking site for business, has over 250 million users in more than 20 countries and is published in 20 languages.

Just as TIC Connects Systems - Vehicles - Travelers, GEWI believes it is important to connect with our customers wherever it is convenient for them.  For this reason, business pages have recently been launched on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

TIC continues to improve and evolve with new features and functionality thanks to input and communication from GEWI customers.  By adding pages on LinkedIn and Facebook, it even easier for customers to connect with GEWI. 

In addition to feedback, visitors can learn about new GEWI product information, GEWI events, and about the people who have been working for more than 21 years to improve traveler services worldwide. 
  GEWI Videos:  TIC Smart Client for iPad
TIC for iPad
 Product Videos on GEWI Website
TIC Camera Feature
GEWI's web site includes videos for several TIC product features.  The videos make it easy for website visitors to self-demonstrate the TIC system and to view how specific product features can be used for a variety of public and private sector markets. 

Available videos include:


- Weather 

- Parking 

- Work Zone 


- Cameras 

Traffic & Travel Events 

- Mobile Traffic Data Entry  

- Traffic News 


More videos are being produced to provide an introduction to other TIC product features, so check occasionally to view the new videos.  

Download Latest TIC for Traffic Brochure
GEWI Brochure 2011 WCThe TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

Click here to download the TIC product brochure which describes how the same TIC3 product architecture can be flexibly configured and used for many different purposes including:
As a commercial off-the shelf (COTS) solution, TIC can be deployed and expanded much more quickly and cost effectively than custom build-your-own solutions while offering the most advanced features and functionality.

For more information, visit

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Sep/Oct 2013

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 GEWI Profile
Matthias Kroll
Matthias Kroll
Software Developer

Matthias joined GEWI nine years ago while he was obtaining his degree in computer science.


Since joining GEWI full time in 2007 he has worked on the development of TIC3 server, communication, system monitoring, data validation and framework for TIC server components.


Most recently Matthias has been involved in web services which includes TIC3 XML web services and the mobile version of the TIC Smart Client.


The latest version of TIC Smart Client for the iPad is featured in this issue, and is now available for download in the Apple App Store.