When GEWI was founded in 1992, traffic and travel event (TTE) information was at the center of GEWI's first hardware and software products.


In 1997 the focus switched to its TIC software with the mission to provide a flexible solution for TTE information which could be used by many customers worldwide.


Over the past 22 years, GEWI has become a global leader in traffic and travel event technologies growing to become the world's leading expert in the creation, collection, monitoring and distribution of TTE data.  

The TIC product features are used for many purposes, from data harmonization and common location referencing, to traffic information services for navigation and radio.

The evolution of the TIC product continues, literally on a weekly basis, driven by GEWI's sophisticated system to collect and evaluate customer requirements worldwide.

Requirements from customers worldwide include the essential ability for TIC to support multiple language cultures.  GEWI created a simple language solution over 10 years ago.  A recent example is the Danish Road Directorate (a DOT) who selected GEWI for their new traffic system; read more about it in this newsletter.

This time of year (Q2) is a busy time, full of meetings and conferences and GEWI's schedule of events is included in this issue.  Also featured is a profile of Charles Lim, Director of GEWI Asia Pacific, based in GEWI's Singapore office.


Should you have any questions about anything in this newsletter, to discuss your requirements or for a product demonstration, please contact us at

Danish Road Directorate Selects GEWI For New Traffic System 

DRD Logo The Danish Road Directorate (DRD) is a department of transport (DOT), responsible for the government-owned roads in Denmark.  

The State operated road network extends nearly 4,000 km, which represents about five percent of the entire road network in Denmark, but carries about 45% of Denmark's road traffic.

When it was time to select a new traffic system, GEWI, along with a number of other vendors, were invited to submit a proposal for a new system to support the handling of traffic information and incident management.

The TIC system will connect to several external systems, collecting data from, and distributing data to these systems, again highlighting TIC's flexibility to easily integrate, whether a large project such as DRD, or even a small project, which is often how GEWI meets and remains with a loyal base of customers.  

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GEWI Q2 Events - Connecting With the Industry 

Conferences, exhibitions and technical meetings are an important part of the GEWI business process.


Not only do conferences allow GEWI a chance to meet our customers face-to-face, these events are integral to the process of continual product improvement.  Events allow GEWI staff to stay current on the latest technologies and trends, and capture new requirements for the TIC product.


Below is a list of the events GEWI has attended, or which remain on GEWI's event schedule in the second quarter (Q2) of 2014.  If you're attending any of the upcoming events, please do say hello.  We would welcome meeting you and discussing traffic, technology and new features.

GEWI North America's Jim O'Neill at ITS Canada with Michael De Santis, Chair ITS Canada
Craig Hutton, Director General Policy Transport Canada and Rob Shirra, ITS Canada

For more information on GEWI events, click here. 

TIC Connects:  Traffic and Multiple Languages

TIC, the globally popular software platform from GEWI is in its fourth generation since 1997, and continues to remain focused on one of its early requirements: Interoperability. 


For GEWI, Interoperability means the ability for TIC to be used by a customer anywhere in the world regardless of language, location referencing standards, incident description methodology, or map network provider. 

GEWI first solved the problem of creating, collecting and distributing traffic data in multiple languages more than a decade ago based on a customer request exchange data between 22 countries in multiple languages.


TIC3 is the latest generation of the TIC product, which consists of the TIC software and TIC Digital Map Data. Languages in TIC can be customized for the user interface and traffic message phrases, as well as the distributed data. Map data collected by TIC is available in multiple languages as provided by the primary source data owner. 

The TIC user interface can present commands, menus, tooltips, status information (and more) in multiple languages. 


Description text for traffic and travel information such as location, event, duration and detour descriptions are also available in multiple languages. 

TIC's text generation rules also allow customers to format the output to meet the local preferred methods for the localized phrasing of traffic information to ensure that the structure of the phrases meets with local understanding.

In addition to existing languages of English, German, French, Italian, Danish and Russian, GEWI has recently added Turkish to the TIC language library. Arabic will be the next language added. This means that today TIC can create and exchange traffic data in seven different languages and dozens more can be easily added as required.


As an example of how flexible the language system can be used, one GEWI customer is creating traffic information for operators in one of four different languages.  The resulting traffic information is harmonized so that regardless of the original language used, all the messages can be viewed and distributed in any of the four languages.

TIC for Traffic and Travel Event Information 

TIC for Work ZonesWhen GEWI was founded in 1992, the focus of the company was to create the hardware needed to deliver traffic information to devices attached to television sets in airport terminals.  In the years that followed, it became clear that the many different formats in which traffic information was stored and delivered required more advanced software to collect, create, store, harmonize, merge and fuse, view and distribute this traffic data.


This lead to the development of the first version of TIC in 1997, then called TMC office.  In the years since, GEWI has deployed hundreds of projects worldwide, used by a wide range of customers.


Early in the TIC development it was decided that a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution was best as it would incorporate all of the requirements of all of the customers. This flexibility has allowed TIC to be used for a wide range of traffic related services over the past 17 years. 


At the core of all of the ways TIC is used is Traffic and Travel Event (TTE), information. The market may sound simple, but as more new location and event referencing methods have been developed, along with new data types and standards, the complexity increases accordingly. 


TIC's flexible architecture is one of the many keys to GEWI's global success.  As new methods are developed to create and distribute data, GEWI developers need only to create product components to interface with these standards and protocols.  The core of the TIC software remains unchanged, adding only new TIC Product Features based on customer request. 


The flexibility built into TIC provides many ways to CONNECT: Systems - Vehicles -Travelers. Click the links below to learn more about how TIC CONNECTS:

And we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific project requirements or visit for more information.

GEWI Video - TIC for Traffic and Travel Events 
Traffic and Travel Entry Video
 Product Videos on GEWI Website
TIC Camera Feature
GEWI's web site includes videos for several TIC product features.  The videos make it easy for website visitors to self-demonstrate the TIC system and to view how specific product features can be used for a variety of public and private sector markets. 

Available videos include:


- Weather 

- Parking 

- Work Zone 

- Cameras 

Traffic & Travel Events 

- Mobile Traffic Data Entry  

- Traffic News 


More videos are being produced to provide an introduction to other TIC product features, so check occasionally to view the new videos.  

Download Latest TIC for Traffic Brochure
GEWI Brochure 2011 WCThe TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

Click here to download the TIC product brochure which describes how the same TIC3 product architecture can be flexibly configured and used for many different purposes including:
As a commercial off-the shelf (COTS) solution, TIC can be deployed and expanded much more quickly and cost effectively than custom build-your-own solutions while offering the most advanced features and functionality.

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GEWI Newsletter
May/Jun 2014

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 GEWI Profile
Charles Lim
Charles Lim
GEWI Asia Pacific
With 25 years of experience in the broadcast industry, Charles Lim has extensive experience in application development, broadcast & traffic operations and he helped implement the first TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) trial traffic info service for Singapore in 2008.
Charles joined GEWI in 2008 to manage the RDS-TMC operation in Singapore and to help expand the company's presence in Asia Pacific.

GEWI's MIB RDS-TMC Service Singapore is used by in-car navigation systems of the two most popular Japanese cars in Singapore, PND market leaders, and also incorporated into mobile apps of several navigation software makers that are available on both the iPhone and Android devices.


Besides having updated the only TISA (Traveller Information Services Association) certified TMC Location Table for Singapore, Charles also help created the TISA-certified TMC Location Table for Indonesia in 2009.

As a director of GEWI Asia Pacific, Charles will work with GEWI's Marketing & Sales team to reach out to clients and partners in Asia Pacific region.
To discuss your project requirements, contact him at: