2015 looks to be an exciting year as GEWI adds a new TIC Project feature which provides the ability for public agencies to improve their Incident Response process.  This feature will be one of the topics of the 2015 Traffic Technologies Tour in North America.  Public agencies interested in participating in this technology information exchange should contact  


In this edition of the GEWI newsletter you'll read more about the TIC Project feature which was the topic of the recent GEWI Business Workshop in Germany.  GEWI's founder and worldwide CEO, Hagen Geppert, who is the architect of the new TIC Project feature, is also profiled as well as a look at how TIC is used for traffic information in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The "Relation Window" is a powerful tool built into TIC which improves operator performance and data quality.  We'll take a closer look at how this can also be used for Incident Response.   And, because TIC's flexibility allows it to by used by many types of organizations for a variety of traffic related projects, view the new TIC Overview Video to better understand the many capabilities of TIC Software. 


Should you have any questions about anything in this newsletter, to discuss your requirements or for a product demonstration, please contact us at 

GEWI Adds Incident Response Features to TIC 

Two major concerns for public road agencies are to clear incidents as quickly as possible and to inform the driving public.  Effective and efficient execution of these tasks provides for the safest driving experience possible.


Until now, these tasks were often handled by two or more systems which usually increases risks for delay, error, and inefficiencies when responding to incidents.


In response to a customer request, GEWI has added a new TIC Project feature which will be used by the customer for Incident Response. The will be available for productive use in Q2 of 2015.


GEWI customers will be able to use the TIC Project feature to respond to a wide range of incidents using pre-defined steps and protocols which ensure that all steps are followed and all internal and external stakeholders are kept informed through every step of the process.


VMS Sign For incident response, the main steps are to detect, verify, inform, respond, and clear.  Within each of the main steps, customers can create an unlimited number of additional steps which need to be taken.  Tasks can be assigned to groups or individuals, as needed, based on customer preference.


Once the event is cleared, management can review a log of all of the steps taken to ensure proper procedures were followed, or to improve the process by modifying the steps for the next time a similar incident is managed by operators.


TIC Project can be applied not only to road events such as accidents or construction, but also to infrastructure failures which need a coordinated response such as cameras, message signs or other roadway assets.


For example, steps for a coordinated multi-agency incident response can be completely managed within TIC Software, from detecting a major accident, verifying it using cameras, coordinating and monitoring emergency first responders such as police, fire and ambulance, informing and alerting drivers with VMS, radio and navigation devices, deploying road services such as tow trucks and contractors to repair the road and barriers, and finally sending out road incident experts to ensure the road has been cleared and is ready to be safely opened to the public.


Just as exciting for GEWI is the ability to extend the TIC Project feature to manage business information and processes.  This was discussed at the recent GEWI 2015 Business Workshop detailed also in this newsletter.

For more information on Road Incident Management features of TIC, contact or click here for a RIM features leaflet. 

TIC Used for Traffic Solution by ADA in Riyadh

Drivers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia now benefit from a new mobile application powered with traffic information processed by GEWI's TIC software.


The app "Delilat Arriyadh" will enable the travelling public to make informed decisions, reduce delays and reach their destinations as quickly and safely as possible. The use of this app is expected to reduce the impact of Riyadh Metro related road construction and road works during the 5-year period of the project and beyond.


The app is provided by the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) in Saudi Arabia and is one of the initiatives supporting King Abdulaziz Project for Public Transport in Riyadh.



Traffic operators  enter work zone information manually into TIC and then TIC creates OpenLR Locations and feeds the data into the Mireo application server and from there it is published to mobile applications.


The applications provide full coverage of the Riyadh road network with over 50,000 POI's and live traffic updated every few minutes.  The map also includes colored traffic flow, display of road closures and other related road incidents and Arabic and English voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation with clear spoken instructions, automatic rerouting when missing a turn and much more.


The project was delivered by THTC, a reliable and long-standing partner of GEWI.  THTC delivers TIC solutions to customers in the middle east, with offices in KSA and UAE.

GEWI 2015 Business Workshop Focuses on New TIC Feature   

GEWI's annual business workshop was held from 19 to 22 Jan 2015 in Heiligendamm, Germany, with members from all GEWI teams in attendance.


The successful workshop focused on the new TIC Project feature and how it could enable GEWI's existing and new customers to automate their business processes and project workflows.


GEWI teams realized that GEWI customers frequently used TIC as part of a wider process, and that the quality of information created, and the efficiency of operators, could be enhanced if the overall process steps were defined within TIC.


For example, for DOT's using TIC for road incident management, where TIC might previously have only been used by operators to create traffic and travel event data, the TIC Project feature can now be used to detect, verify, inform, respond, and clear incidents.  Traffic and travel event data now becomes one activity within the step to inform travelers.


The feature helps organizations to apply consistent processes, such as for incident management. Organizations can specify their own processes, projects, steps, activities and tasks to be completed, and each of these can be configured, assigned, and measured. Additional steps which are not part of the typical process can be manually created by users on the fly.


After several days of use, all completed projects can be analyzed for continuous process improvement.


GEWI is so confident of the benefits of the new TIC Project feature, at the GEWI Business Workshop it was decided to start applying it to GEWI's own business operations. For example, GEWI teams are preparing to use TIC to manage business information, capture project requirements, incident support, project planning and tracking, and automatically updating GEWI's website.


GEWI newsletter readers may recall that using TIC for GEWI business information management was first considered at a previous GEWI workshop, and now in 2015 with the addition of the TIC Project feature, the planning and preparation is becoming a reality.


Over the next weeks, GEWI developers will continue making TIC product tests and improvements on the TIC Project feature. Successful implementation could make TIC a powerful business resource for GEWI customers and the GEWI business alike. 

North America Traffic Technologies Tour Focuses on New Features

la-traffic-cars.jpg Following its last successful traffic technologies tour (TTT), GEWI will be holding its next TTT in North America in April 2015.


The primary topics will be the global trends of ATIS-ATMS convergence, improving harmonized data exchange between different systems, and integrated emergency response.  Government agencies will have the opportunity to submit requests in advance for related agenda items.


In November 2010, GEWI held a North American Traffic Technologies Tour (TTT) visiting local, state, and federal agencies in the USA and Canada, discuss the key topics of location referencing, mobile traffic data entry, data harmonization, connected vehicles, and data exchange.


GEWI's TTT provides a unique opportunity for public/private sector information exchange and is an important factor in GEWI's product development plan to ensure the TIC product continues to meet customer requirements in global markets worldwide.


GEWI can also use the TTT discussions to express comparisons between USA and Canadian requirements and other global trends and developments GEWI has observed with its customers worldwide.


If you would like to participate in the 2015 Traffic Technologies Tour for North America, or if you have request for items related to the agenda, please contact 

TIC Product Feature:  Relation Window for TTE and Project

The ability to collect and relate various data elements relevant to traffic and travel events (TTE) is critical to maintain high a quality of traffic information.  Displaying related data also helps the operator more quickly verify and accurately describe a traffic event.   


The TIC Software product includes a Relation Window which automatically displays all related data relevant to TTE at a defined location.  This could include information which is at or nearby the same or nearby location including: camera images, speed & flow, weather observations and other information.


The Relation Window is also a valuable tool when used for Incident Response by enabling the display of contact information for agencies responsible for a specific stretch of roadway, other responders who may need to be notified, or any other relevant information specific to the Incident type and location.


The responsible party, be it an agency, contractor, even a towing company can be configured by the customer as related information to a roadway, area or Point of Interest.  If more than one responsible party is assigned to the location, all of these agencies will appear as "related" to the location.  


Throughout the process TIC can be configured to automatically inform the driving public through media, web, applications and other means of information distribution while also serving as a platform for all agencies to exchange information through each stage of the Incident Response.  


For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact 

GEWI Video - TIC Features Overview
 Product Videos on GEWI Website
TIC Camera Feature
GEWI's web site includes videos for several TIC product features.  The videos make it easy for website visitors to self-demonstrate the TIC system and to view how specific product features can be used for a variety of public and private sector markets. 

Available videos include:



- Parking 

- Work Zone 

- Cameras 

Traffic & Travel Events 

- Mobile Traffic Data Entry  

- Traffic News 


More videos are being produced to provide an introduction to other TIC product features, so check occasionally to view the new videos.  

Download Latest TIC for Traffic Brochure
GEWI Brochure 2011 WCThe TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

Click here to download the TIC product brochure which describes how the same TIC3 product architecture can be flexibly configured and used for many different purposes including:

As a commercial off-the shelf (COTS) solution, TIC can be deployed and expanded much more quickly and cost effectively than custom build-your-own solutions while offering the most advanced features and functionality.

For more information, visit

GEWI Newsletter

Jan/Feb 2015 

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 GEWI Profile
Hagen Geppert
Hagen Geppert
Worldwide CEO
Since founding GEWI in 1992, Hagen has created a culture of quality and customer focus.  The TIC software product has evolved to become a world class solution thanks to the input from GEWI customers and a meticulous product development process.

The new "Project" feature of TIC which is the topic of this newsletter is being managed by Hagen during the early stages of development to ensure it meets the requirements which have been provided by GEWI customers. 

As you'll read in this issue, the TIC Project feature includes some groundbreaking benefits for companies involved in traffic.  But, even more exciting are the business management features which will allow companies to better manage both their business and traffic operations.

As a member of GEWI's business, product development, sales and marketing and customer projects teams, Hagen has a unique perspective of the interaction of the TIC product between teams and for each of the markets for which TIC is used.

Hagen speaks German, English and Russian, and when not traveling for business he also enjoys traveling for pleasure and is an excellent source for hotel and vacation suggestions as in the 23 years since founding GEWI he has traveled most of the world.

Away from the office Hagen also finds time to fit mountain biking, running, and gourmet cooking into his busy schedule.