When GEWI was founded in 1992, radio traffic news was a primary source of information for drivers. Over the past decade digital sources used for in-vehicle navigation and Smartphone apps have become increasingly popular and TIC has continually added Product Features to keep pace with technologies such as RDS-TMC, TPEG, connected vehicles and crowd sourced data.

Even with digital traffic technologies, radio traffic news bulletins are still relied upon by hundreds of millions of commuters worldwide and used by public agencies as an important channel to distribute information about traffic and travel events.

GEWI has also continued to improve the features in the TIC for Traffic News Production and TIC for Traffic News Announcements.  Read more about both solutions in this newsletter, view live data from Berlin and meet Stefan Mohr, GEWI Customer Projects Manager who is responsible for this solution.

Conference season is upon us and in June GEWI will be attending and exhibiting at ITS Europe and ITS Asia Pacific. More details below about those events as well as two long-time GEWI customers who have recently upgraded from TIC2 to TIC3.

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GEWI to Exhibit Work Zone and Waze Solutions at ITS WC & ITS AP 
Organizations looking to collect Smart Work Zone data or integrate Waze data into their Traffic Operations Centers have new features available in GEWI's TIC Software.


TIC3 is the latest generation of the popular TIC Software which has been used worldwide for the past 20 years.

Both the Work Zone and Waze data features can be seen at the upcoming ITS Europe conference in Strasbourg France and ITS Asia Pacific in Hong Kong.

GEWI's new work zone features in TIC provide for management all elements of the work zone project. This includes planning, issuing permits, work zone operation and distribution of traffic information about the work zone. TIC can also collect real-time information from sensors and devices in the work zone to enable monitoring work zone progress and accurately distribute travel conditions through the work zone.

GEWI has also completed integration of the Waze data format into the TIC Software. This enables public agencies to quickly integrate the Waze data into their Traffic Operations Centers, and take action on the Waze data based on the specific data type. For example, using the TIC Project feature and pothole data from Waze, TIC could automatically create a pothole repair project and track each step of the repair project to completion.

For a complete list of solutions for traffic and travel information made possible by the TIC Software, visit To schedule a demonstration or reserve a time to meet at the upcoming conferences, contact

Germany's most popular private radio station ANTENNE BAYERN Upgrades to TIC3
Germany's most popular private radio station ANTENNE BAYERN has been a GEWI customer since 2000 and has recently upgraded to the TIC3 Software generation to take advantage of the latest features in the Traffic News for Radio solution. 
The station now has access to the newest features of TIC Newsreader which allow the traffic reporter to custom build scripts to fit the time available for each traffic broadcast. The upgrade process was completed in just four weeks.

ANTENNE BAYERN is based in Bavaria and is the first private radio station using TIC3.  According to Media Analysis, they reach over 3.4 million  listeners per day (ma 2017 Radio I).
TIC3 is used to create traffic and travel event information and also use flow data to add delay times to traffic messages.  

In addition to being broadcast over the air, the traffic data is exported to apps and the internet and can be viewed on the station website at

For more information about the TIC for Traffic News solution, visit

More Public Agencies Upgrading to TIC3 Software from GEWI 
TIC 3 Ballgame Logo
Two long-time TIC customers have recently upgraded to TIC3, the latest version of GEWI's globally popular software product.
The German Police in Bavaria began using TIC1 in 2001, and since 2007 have been using TIC2 to create, update and distribute traffic information. They operate with 50 locally installed clients (TIC Editors) from their 10 decentralized operations centers.
As of May 2017, the TIC system was upgraded to TIC3 where police personnel can now access the system using a web-based solution. This allows dispatchers and managers to access the TIC system through the web using any HTML5 capable browser, without the requirement of a TIC Smart Client directly installed on their computer.
The City of Stuttgart is upgrading from TIC2 to TIC3 to take advantage of the benefits of the TIC Digital Map which offers more precise location referencing for entering inner city traffic.  The city uses a team of 15 people using parallel installations of TIC to enter traffic information.

The TIC Digital map is just one of many TIC Product Features available to TIC3 users providing more advanced features for traffic and travel information projects than in previous versions of the TIC Software.
To learn more about the many TIC Product Solutions available commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) in TIC3, visit

TIC Feature: Traffic News 
The TIC Traffic News feature is used for two different TIC Solutions; TIC for Traffic News Production, and TIC for Traffic News Announcements

While the two solutions are closely related, there are several important differences in the two solutions.
TIC for Traffic News Production is used where organizations would like to collect, create and distribute news for broadcast. In this solution, many TIC Product Features are available to be used by the operator to create reports which accurately reflect real-world road conditions. This includes data sources such as:
  • Traffic cameras.
  • Speed and flow data.
  • Data from other systems.
  • Crowd-sourced data such as Waze.
  • Weather.
  • Work Zone data.
  • ...and more.
TIC can alert operators to data conflicts to allow them to check the other available resources to resolve the conflict and quickly update the event information to reflect what is actually occurring on the roadways. 
TIC for Traffic News Announcements is used to automatically create broadcast ready scripts, similar to a teleprompter, which announcers can further customize before going on-air.  There are many "announcer friendly" features which allow them to decide which reports to include or exclude based on available time for the traffic report.  TIC automatically calculates the report time based on the anchor reading speed to ensure the report will fit the time available.  TIC can be configured to automatically distribute specific traffic news to each anchor based on event location, priority, or other elements.

Below are two videos which further describe the features and differences of GEWI's two solutions for Traffic News.

View live Traffic News data from Berlin here:
For more information on TIC for Radio News contact

Video:  TIC for Traffic News Production

Video:  TIC for Traffic News Announcements

TIC Solutions on GEWI Website 
Over the past 25 years GEWI has become recognized as a global leader in traffic and travel information software and as the TIC product has added solutions and product features it has become more challenging to describe the many ways TIC can be used as a solution.

What today is known as TIC (originally for Traffic Info Centre, but now evolved into much more), was developed in its first generation as TMC Office when it was initially deployed in 1997.  Now in its fourth generation, TIC has evolved into a true commercial off-the-shelf solution (COTS) for many markets described on the GEWI website:
The new website also has improved navigation features and new page layout which makes it easier to relate specific TIC product features to market solutions.

We invite you to check to see the latest improvements including the ability to submit customer feedback which is an important part of the GEWI product development process.

New TIC Brochure and Leaflets for GEWI Market Solutions
GEWI has recently updated its videos, TIC brochure, and leaflets to help customers quickly and more thoroughly understand the market solutions which can be implemented using TIC.

The new leaflets feature the latest information and features for each market solution. Existing customers are encouraged to view and read the information because GEWI is constantly adding more features and functions in new innovative ways.

Click the link below to view and download the brochure and leaflets:
As a commercial off-the shelf solution (COTS), TIC can be deployed and expanded much more quickly and cost effectively than custom build-your-own solutions while offering the most advanced features and functionality.

To schedule a demonstration, or for more information contact a GEWI representative in your region.

Product Videos on GEWI Website
GEWI's web site includes videos for many of the TIC Solutions using TIC product features. These videos make it easy for website visitors to self-demonstrate the TIC system and to view how specific product features can be used for a variety of public and private sector markets. 

More videos are being produced to provide an introduction to other TIC product features, so check occasionally to view the new videos.

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May/Jun 2017

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 GEWI Profile
Stefan Mohr
Customer Projects Manager
Stefan is joined GEWI in 1997 as a software developer, and has advanced to the position of Customer Projects Manager over the past 20 years.
Stefan is a graduate engineer of "electro technical" University "HochschuleMerseburg" in 1997.
His extensive experience in RDS-TMC, TPEG  and Radio Data broadcasting, navigation have been extremely valuable in managing several public sector projects.
Stefan has managed projects with governments in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.
As with all GEWI technical staff, Stefan is fluent in both English and German and enjoys playing the cajon musical instrument for entertainment with other musical friends.