Customer feedback has been driving the GEWI product development process since the company was founded in 1992. Feedback is so important to the evolution of the TIC Software product that it has been added as a product feature available to every TIC user.

GEWI User Groups are another important way GEWI connects with customers, read more in this issue.  Also featured is Customer Project Manager Ronny Dittrich who was responsible for the recent Smart Work Zone (SWZ) to Navigation project in Germany.

Customers interested in Work Zones now have an off-the-shelf solution from GEWI and iCone which can be used for pilot or in production projects, read more below.

An 11 year GEWI customer in Australia has recently upgraded to TIC3 for their traffic service, and auto customers in Europe will soon benefit from eCall, for which TIC has been compliant since 2015.

Read also about GEWI at the DATEX II Forum and our upcoming Work Zone demonstration at ITS America, and more in this issue.

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GEWI and iCone Announce Off-the-Shelf Smart Work Zone Pilots 
Following GEWI's successful Smart Work Zone to Navigation implementation in Germany, GEWI and iCone have announced a similar solution for North America which will also be available worldwide in the near future as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution.
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GEWI Powers Smart Work Zone to Navigation Project 
In March, 2018 in Saxony-Anhalt Germany a system for warning drivers of upcoming Work Zones using navigation devices was put into operation. The warning message is generated by the Work Zone equipment, which can be an arrow trailer, crash truck, or other device.  

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Intelematics Upgrades Australian and New Zealand Traffic to TIC3 
GEWI software has been powering Intelematics Australia's (IA) broadcast traffic service since 2007, but in March of 2018, (IA) upgraded to TIC3.
The RDS-TMC traffic service broadcasts to over 20 regions including all Australian State Capital cities, major regional cities and the North and South
 Islands of
New Zealand.  

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GEWI Customer Workshop Series Begins with TIC for Radio 
The first of several GEWI User Group Workshops was held 13-14 March at GEWI's new office in Leipzig Germany for customers of the TIC for Radio News Solution. Two other User Group Workshops are planned for April at GEWI's office in Leipzig, Germany. One, for State Road Agencies and a second for Police using the TIC Software.

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eCall now Mandatory in Europe 
As of March 2018, eCall is mandatory on all cars and light trucks in Europe.  eCall is based on built-in sensors automatically triggered during a collision or an accident to provide immediate location information projected to cut emergency services' response time by up to 50%
It is forecast this system will reduce the number of road transport fatalities by 2,500 per year.
GEWI's TIC Software has been eCall compliant since 2015.
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GEWI at DATEX II User Forum 
Rainer Klockman, GEWI's Director, Product Development will be attending the Datex II Forum in on 23-24 May at the head office of Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht, the Neterlands.  
He will be demonstrating the TIC Software in the Datex Implentation Area of the conference.  His demonstration will focus on improving Work Zone Management by connecting vehicles and data.
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GEWI to Demonstrate Smart Work Zone at ITS America 
GEWI's off-the-shelf Smart Work Zone solution will be on display at ITS America at the GEWI booth #607.
Visitors to the exhibition can view the GEWI TIC Software product collecting real-time data from a Work Zone near the Cobo Expo Center and distributing to a variety of systems, apps and devices.
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TIC Solution - Real-time Information for Navigation

TIC CONNECTS Navigation and Information TIC enables Commercial service providers and Government agencies to quickly and easily provide accurate information directly to drivers using real-time information navigation systems.

TIC supports navigation system traffic and travel information standards used worldwide by navigation and automotive manufacturers to help reduce costs and risks.
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TIC Solutions 
GEWI's TIC Software can be configured to provide these solutions:

GEWI Newsletter

Mar/Apr 2018

In This Issue
GEWI Profile
Ronny Dittrich
Manager, Customer Projects
Ronny joined GEWI in November of 2017, but has immediately become involved in some very high profile projects including the first-ever moving Work Zone to Navigation project in Germany.
When Ronny joined GEWI, he brought a wide range of project management experience to his new position, including multi-project management of international customer projects.

In addition to project management, Ronny has extensive business development experience, including business evaluation, requirements development and assessment of market opportunities, target markets, key-account management and strategic product planning. He is joined in the Leipzig office by several GEWI staff who will transfer from the office in Bernburg, Germany. 
Beyond his business and project managent experience, Ronny is skilled in front-end software development from specification through to production.  This broad skill set makes him uniquely qualified for his position of Manager of Customer Projects.
Away from the office he enjoys photography, traveling, hiking and driving.  He is fluent in both German and English.
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