With the proliferation of devices and organizations producing ITS data, the ability to collect, harmonize, and select the most accurate data to best represent real-world conditions is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.

Since 1997, GEWI has been solving this complex data issue and has recently improved it's source/result and merge/fuse product features which result in increased quality for traffic and traveler information. Meet GEWI developer Dirk Vatterott who is responsible for this TIC Product Feature and learn more in this issue. Read also about an improved Data Quality Monitoring process for the TIC Software Product.

GEWI recently attended and exhibited at a number of events in the US, UK, and Germany. If you were unable to meet GEWI at any of these events, an online demonstration and presentation may be scheduled by locating a contact in your region at www.gewi.com
GEWI Adding Data Quality Monitor Process
TIC large Clear
To ensure the highest quality traffic information is derived from collecting data from multiple external sources, GEWI is enhancing it's Data Quality Monitor (DQM) process.

Data can be analyzed for many elements i ncluding:

  • Completeness.
  • Consistency.
  • Conformity.
  • Accuracy.
  • Integrity.
  • Timeless.

When collecting new or updated data, it will be checked against pre-defined, configurable conditions, both standard and custom.

Based on how the condition is met, the data can be automatically corrected, or rejected. Operators may manually correct or reject based on compliance to conditions, and can notify the owner of the data about the QA results.

All steps of the process are documented, and the results of the data analysis are stored to enable creation of reports and statistics.
GEWI at Automated Driving Conference
The arrival of automated driving is creating challenges for every organization which deals with roads and automobiles, and this includes GEWI as well as a number of GEWI customers worldwide.

There has been a significant increase in requests from GEWI customers involving data which will be used by automated driving, particularly in providing real-time, highly accurate Work Zone data.

Because of the importance of this market, GEWI attended the Automotive Tech.AD conference 11-12 March, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

For more information, c ontact a GEWI representative in your region.
GEWI Hosts User Experience (UX) Workshop
GEWI is continuously improving the TIC Software by enhancing existing features and adding new features. One major objective is to enhance the user experience (UX) to make the operator’s life easier .

In May, GEWI will host a User Experience (UX) workshop to review and discuss concepts for an improved UX in this two day workshop.

Unlike previous workshops which were focused on one type of customer, this workshop will include attendees from Road Agencies, Broadcasters and Police Agencies to enable a comparison of common and specific UX requirements across customer groups.

The results of this workshop will be reflected in a future release of the TIC Product.
GEWI Exhibits and Presents at Traffex
GEWI exhibited at this year’s Traffex Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. This event attracts many companies involved in the road building, maintenance and operations so was a good opportunity to promote GEWI’s Work Zone solution.

As well as exhibiting, GEWI Founder and CEO Hagen Geppert presented a vision of Smart Work Zones and the use of the TIC Software solution to enhance Work Zone support and safety, particularly as the road environment is moving towards accommodating highly connected and automated vehicles.

Danny Woolard, GEWI’s Director of Business Development, also attended the Highways England Workshop which is seeking input and ideas from industry as it establishes its vision for 2030.
Harmonize Multiple Data Sources to Create High Quality, Precise Traffic Data
With the proliferation of devices and organizations creating data, organizations face a challenge of harmonizing the data to select the set that most accurately reflect the real world situation on the roadways. 

GEWI’s Source/Result features enables operators to apply intelligence to this fusion process of both external and internal traffic data.

This feature can also be used to automatically merge aggregated events from sensors with manually created events. 

Previous solutions required more intervention by the operator to manage the many traffic events collected from various sources, a process that could become complicated and provide unexpected results. 

GEWI’s latest solution provides all sources to the operator at a single glance. The operator is assisted by icons to differentiate the data providers. And, their work involves far fewer manual steps to precisely process a traffic event.  

In addition, new rules have been established to help prevent the creation of accidental of duplicate or contradictory traffic events. 

For more information, contact a GEWI representative in your region or visit  www.gewi.com
GEWI Speaks on Work Zone Management at New England ITS Educational Series
One of New England ITS’ most successful programs is the Lunch & Learn series where industry professionals present on a relevant topic.

GEWI was recently invited to present at two Lunch and Learn sessions. In March, at New Hampshire DOT headquarters in Concord, NH; and in April, at Rhode Island DOT headquarters in Providence, RI.

GEWI North America's Director of Customer Projects Eli Sherer presented on the topic of Improving Work Zone Management in a Highly Automated Driving World.

GEWI's TIC off-the-shelf product has been used for advanced Smart Work Zone projects in Germany and is compatible with a wide range of data standards and 3rd party formats including iCone, HERE, TomTom, Vizzion, Waze (what else)?

For more information, c ontact a GEWI representative in your region.
GEWI Video - TIC Solutions Overview
Since 1997, GEWI's TIC Software has continuously evolved to provide off-the-shelf solutions for:

  • Smart Work Zone real-time data collection.
  • Submit request for permits.
  • Issue Work Zone permits.
  • Connected vehicle compatibility.
  • Drone feature
  • ...and more

Click here to view an video providing an overview of these solutions. For more information visit www.gewi.com
GEWI Profile: Dirk Vatterott
2019 will mark Dirk's 25th year with GEWI and in addition to being responsible for TIC's User Interface, Dirk is also involved in the fuse and merge features which are detailed in this newsletter.

Dirk joined the hardware division of GEWI in 1994 after earning his Masters in Electrical Engineering, working on projects for Grundig, Schneider, Siemens, Nokia and others.

Dirk's technical skills include Assembler, Pascal, Object Pascal (Delphi), MATLAB, ANSI-C, Java, C++, and C#

Away from the office he enjoys diving, reading, football and MMORPG.

Dirk's more than two decades of contributions to the TIC software is enjoyed every day by TIC users worldwide.
Updated Smart Work Zone Product Info
GEWI has released a new TIC Product brochure detailing the solution " TIC for Work Zones".

The brochure includes information on many of the new features that were implemented for the Work Zoneincluding:

  • Smart Work Zone real-time data collection.
  • Submit request for permits.
  • Issue Work Zone permits.
  • Connected vehicle compatibility.
  • Drone feature
  • ...and more

Click here to view the new brochure or visit www.gewi.com