Automated Driving (AD) is a topic of high interest at conferences worldwide due to the potential benefits AD provides in mobility and safety. But, to realize these benefits, many technical challenges remain.

One major challenge is the safe operation of AD vehicles through Work Zones. GEWI has been involved in Smart Work Zone solutions since ITS World Congress in Orlando in 2011. At the 2019 World Congress in Singapore, GEWI will exhibit the TIC Software product at stands #375 and #73 and also participate in an automated driving demonstration. Read more in this issue.

Read also about GEWI's recent Work Zone presentation at ITS Canada and participation at HERE Directions event in Berlin.

In this issue you'll also meet GEWI's founder Hagen Geppert who, since 1992, has kept the company at the forefront of traffic and travel information technologies, and created a culture of quality (and fun) at GEWI as you'll see by the recent summer event.

If you are unable to meet GEWI at ITS World Congress in Singapore, an online demonstration and presentation may be scheduled by locating a contact in your region at
GEWI to Participate in Automated Driving Demo at ITS World Congress in Singapore
Much of the focus in the development of Automated Driving (AD) has been on the primary vehicle sensors, the market is realizing there are major safety benefits in providing accurate, lane level ‘near horizon’ data such as work-zones and hazards.

This allows the vehicle systems to process this externally provided data and enable it to both change the parameters of the guidance systems and potentially advise the operator of the vehicle to take back control. 
GEWI and Elektrobit will be demonstrating this ‘first’ interfacing of real-time traffic data created by GEWI’s TIC for Work Zone, at ITS World Congress.

The demo shows that AD relevant traffic event messages can be processed using ADASIS, an open standard being developed to integrate dynamic map data and in-vehicle ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

The simulated data is processed and displayed by Elektrobit using their simulator software (Electronic Horizon Reconstructor). The demonstration will also show additional scenarios for how dynamic traffic data can be applied in context with mixed AD & conventional vehicles situations, using a dynamic traffic simulation environment.
GEWI will also be exhibiting with two stands in the hall, #375 and #73 where delegates can learn about the many off-the-shelf solutions available with the TIC Software product.
To schedule a time for a demonstration, contact
TIC Connects: Road Agencies and Vehicles
Automated Driving (AD) promises many benefits but several challenges need to be overcome including the ability for the vehicle to respond to changes in road conditions due to construction, weather or other events.

GEWI’s TIC Software can connect data between road agencies, service providers, and vehicles, allowing two-way communication for sharing of current conditions, restrictions, and more.  

In the case of a Work Zone, road agencies can provide precise real-time roadway data which is consumed by the vehicle to ensure the safe navigation of the changing road parameters. 

In return, the vehicle can provide the road agencies data which will enable them to more quickly respond to changing road conditions.  

TIC can also be used by service providers to collect and harmonize data from many other sources, analyze data quality, and provide the highest quality data as a single comprehensive feed. 

For more information about the many product features available in TIC3, visit .
GEWI Speaks on Work Zone Safety at TAC-ITS Canada
Safety in Work Zones is a global issue and GEWI North America CEO Jim O'Neill spoke in a Vision Zero session on the topic of "Reduce traffic impact and increase Work Zone safety using Smart Technologies".

As combined TAC-ITS Conference, the event was extremely well attended and interest was high in the topic, based on the first ever European Smart Work Zone project deployed by GEWI in 2018.

This type of Smart Work Zone project is now available as an off-the-shelf solution using GEWI's TIC Software and real-time Work Zone data from sources such as iCone Products.
GEWI Summer Event: White Water Rafting
The average GEWI employee has been with the company for nearly 15 years, and one of the reasons may be the fun out-of-office events planned for the staff each year.

This September, the company took the staff on the water for an exciting day of white-water rafting near GEWI's office in Leipzig, Germany.

At a time when many of the staff are thinking about automated driving, this was a full hands-on manual event with everyone paddling to a successful conclusion.

"With GEWI's TIC Product now used in 31 countries worldwide, it's important for our staff to operate as a close team" commented Hagen Geppert, GEWI's founder and Global CEO.

Everyone enjoys these events, and return back to work looking forward to what is planned for the next outing.
TIC Solution: TIC for Work Zone
As the TIC Software product has evolved since 1997, new product features are regularly introduced which can be combined to create a solution which is configured to meet specific customer requirements.

The TIC for Work Zone solution is being used at ITS World Congress in Singapore as part of the Automated Driving (AD) demonstration described elsewhere in this newsletter.

TIC for Work Zone utilizes standard product features Project, Digital Map and Work Zone, but other optional features can also be configured based on customer requests.

By adding optional Product Features such as Camera, Traffic and Travel Event, Traffic Control Permit, Diversion Route, Traffic Restriction, Traffic Control, Waze data, and more, the end result is a custom tailored solution at an off-the-shelf price.

To schedule a meeting and demonstration of the many off-the-shelf solutions available in the TIC Product contact
GEWI Attends HERE Directions in Berlin
Location company HERE held their ‘Directions’ event at the Bolle Festsäle in Berlin on the 24th of September which was attended by GEWI’s Business Development Director Danny Woolard. 
HERE has been a close associate of GEWI in both the capacity of a map data supplier and a long standing customer for GEWI’s TIC solutions.
HERE presented its “new” direction as a Location Company providing solutions across many industries. There was an active day of HERE partner presentations and company updates on their new focus of all things location, under the banner of “The New Reality”.
Danny commented “Having had a very long career association with HERE through its chronological history - European Geographic Technologies (EGT), Navtech, Navteq, Nokia and now HERE, it's amazing how far this business has come and how diverse and exciting the future is. We look forward to working closely with HERE in the future!”
GEWI Profile: Hagen Geppert
Since founding GEWI in 1992, Hagen has created a culture of quality and customer focus. The TIC software product has evolved to become a world class solution thanks to the input from GEWI customers and a meticulous product development process.

As a member of GEWI's business, product development, sales and marketing and customer projects teams, Hagen has a unique perspective of the interaction of the TIC product between teams and for each of the markets for which TIC is used.

Hagen speaks German, English and Russian, and when not traveling for business he also enjoys traveling for pleasure and is an excellent source for hotel and vacation suggestions as in the 27 years since founding GEWI he has traveled most of the world.

Away from the office Hagen also finds time to fit mountain biking, running, and gourmet cooking into his busy schedule
Smart Work Zone Product Info
GEWI has released an updated Product brochure detailing the solution " TIC for Work Zones".

The brochure includes information on many of the new features that were implemented for Work Zones including:

  • Smart Work Zone real-time data collection.
  • Submit request for permits.
  • Issue Work Zone permits.
  • Connected vehicle compatibility.
  • Drone feature
  • ...and more

Click here to view the brochure or visit